Feb 20, 2021
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There is no money, but you are fighting. Children from Kazan won’t go to the World Cup?

In Kazan, children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism learn adaptive taekwondo GTF for free. At the Russian championship, they took 20 medals. Four of them qualified for the World Championship in Sofia and will go there soon … if there is enough money.

“We want to prove that these guys have a future. They can be champions no matter what, ”says GTP adaptive taekwondo coach, 24-year-old Radik Gizzatullin.

About this – in the material “AiF-Kazan”.

Free lessons

Radik Gizzatullin and Timur Khabibullin train 46 people aged from ten to 19 years with a variety of physical and intellectual disorders – cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome. They practice adaptive taekwondo GTP with them. Trainings are held in Kazan schools No. 1, No. 76 and boarding school No. 4.

Parents pay nothing – all classes are free. Trainers work with many gifted children additionally.

The main feature of this type of martial arts is no physical contact, only imitation of fights and demonstration of technique.

We started in September with small physical exercises for 15-20 minutes. Further more.

Stretching exercises, muscle strengthening exercises, kicks on the paws held by the trainer, technique demonstrations. And it began to work!

In December, at the GTF taekwondo championship and championship in Kazan, the pupils of Gizzatullin and Khabibullin won seven gold, eight silver and five bronze medals. It was a real triumph!

Athletes from Kazan won 20 medals at the Russian championship and championship
At the championship and championship of Russia, athletes from Kazan won 20 medals Photo: From personal archive / Radik Gizzatullin

“The guys have proved that there are no obstacles for them, they can do anything,” says Radik Gizzatullin. – There are no peaks that cannot be conquered. I myself learn a lot from them, I am inspired by their success. I always try to set an example, smile, be positive. After all, you cannot be insincere with them, you cannot come to training in a bad mood, they immediately understand everything. “

Coaches try to find their own approach to everyone, communicate, take an interest in matters at home and at school.

“Do you know what is the most important punishment for them? Radik asks. – When we excommunicate them from training. Everything, for them this is the end of the world. “

The parents also noticed an amazing effect from the training: the physical condition of the children and their discipline improved. They began to study harder, strive for independence. And, of course, they cannot imagine their life without taekwondo.

How do guys change

Mom of 11-year-old Ramir Amerkhanova Lyalya says that her son has become more responsible, he has confidence.

“It is important that Ramir is working with other children in a common group,” says the student’s mother. – Radik Maratovich convinced him that he is very capable. He took his preparation seriously, constantly praises him, encourages him. And what a happiness it is to see how your son does not just participate in competitions, but wins. Qualifies for the World Championship! How could I have dreamed about it a few months ago? Now I am talking about this, and at the very lump it comes to my throat. What our coaches are doing is simply beyond words. “

Mom accompanies Ramir in training and competitions
Mom accompanies Ramir in training and competitions. Photo: From personal archive / Lyalya Amerkhanova

At the same time, she is confident that coaches not only instill in children a love of sports, but also teach them respect for other people, self-control, honesty, and decency. It is very important that other, ordinary children are friendly to Ramir: no sidelong glances, comments or jokes.

“Ramir is no longer shy,” the woman admits. – On the contrary, he became more open to everything new. Today, for example, he brought me a hand-made cutting board. And just glowed with joy. Our life consists of such small joys. “

The trip is in doubt

In April, Ramir, along with other Kazan children, should go to the Russian Cup in adaptive taekwondo GTF in the Moscow region, and in July to the world championship in Sofia, where he was selected together with his teammates: Andrey Andreev (12 years old), Andrey Kirsanov ( 14 years old) and Kristina Soklakova (15 years old). But trips can be thwarted for one most banal reason – lack of funding.

“Unfortunately, our capabilities are not enough,” Radik Gizzatullin shrugs. – The GTF Taekwondo Federation together with the Ministry of Sports of the Republic are trying to find sponsors. Parents also cannot afford to pay for the trip – many are experiencing financial difficulties. Therefore, it is difficult to guess. But, of course, I would like the guys to reach a new level, to realize their dream. “

Ramir’s mom Lyalya Amerkhanova does not think so far yet, but believes that in this matter it is necessary to support not only parents and athletes, but also coaches.

“They are young, ambitious, working, so to speak, for an idea,” says Ramira’s mother. – They didn’t take a dime from us, we do it absolutely free. And, of course, this is their success, they prepared the guys in a short time, put their soul into them. I go to every training session, I see how Radik Maratovich works, gives all of himself. And not to go to the World Cup – for him and his friend Timur will be a strong blow. I hope that there will still be sponsors who will be able to pay for the trip to the World Championship ”.

Kazan must represent Russia at the World Cup
At the World Championships, Kazan must represent Russia. Photo: From personal archive / Lyalya Amerkhanova

The Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan notes that the republic pays great attention to people with disabilities who are involved in sports. But at the same time they add that “the participation of athletes in sports events in adaptive sports that are not included in the calendar plan of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan is considered in detail on an individual basis.”

Now the children and their parents are still in limbo and do not know if the trip will take place. “AiF-Kazan” hopes that there will be patrons of art who will help these “sunny” children and their talented coaches to realize their dreams.

Help “AiF”

Adaptive Taekwondo GTP – a direction of Korean martial art, designed specifically for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. There are no fights and sparring here, the first place is the demonstration of fighting techniques and imitation of various movements, strikes, jumps.

Adaptive Taekwondo GTF is an official sport – athletes can receive ranks and titles. National and international tournaments are held. It has been developing in Russia since 2018.

In Kazan, the GTF Taekwondo Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan has been developing this sport since September 2020. Coaches – Masters of Sports Radik Gizzatullin and Timur Khabibullin

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