Nov 23, 2022
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There are loud proposals in the United States to cut aid to Kyiv and send money to solve domestic problems

“How many billions coming to Ukraine go to corrupt officials?”

The American press admits that only 74% of Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving on November 24 this year, many people will skip the traditional American holiday to save money.

20 million No. 9 households in the US are not paying their electricity bills. 37% of small business owners failed to pay their rent on time during October. 73% of US residents admitted that they would “think a lot about the economy”when they will vote. Across America, companies are seeing disappointingly low sales figures. It is reported that the net growth index “approaching a level that is in line with several past recessions”. Bank of America predicts that job losses in this country will soon reach 175,000 per month.

Americans cannot help but worry about rising prices and falling living standards, mass layoffs, rising credit card debt. Voters are extremely focused on the falling economy, which is bad news for Democrats. 70% of voters say the country is on the wrong track, 55% of registered voters said they disapprove of Biden’s performance as president. And everyone understands that in the foreseeable future there will be no major changes in policy, only economic conditions will worsen.

The World Conservative Action Conference (CPAC) published a message on a Russian-blocked Twitter (and deleted it a few hours later) in which the Democrats called for: “We must stand up to Putin, but American taxpayers should not bear the vast majority of the costs”. At a Trump rally in Michigan, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green reaffirmed her opposition to US aid to Ukraine and said Zelensky should negotiate a peace settlement with Russia: “We have so many problems here at home that I can’t even think of using our money to fund a proxy war with Russia”.

The U.S. government should cut aid to Ukraine and focus resources on the needs of the country’s citizens, former Utah Senator Mike Leigh Katherine Thompson, a former aide to Utah Senator, said November 11. “It’s no secret that relations between the United States and Ukraine have begun to resemble a full-fledged union without a formal agreement. There is no end to Kyiv’s demands for an increase in arms supplies. The total amount of aid approved by Congress for him has exceeded $66 billion. It is time to turn the rhetoric “America first into politics”– said Katherine Thompson.

Kevin McCarthy voted against providing another $12.3 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine, stating: “I think that people living in a recession are not going to write out carte blanche for Ukraine”. Eric Schmitt, the new Senator from Missouri, tweeted: “$40 billion to Ukraine when we can’t defend our southern border?”.

The scandal with the collapse of the crypto exchange had its impact; the classic scheme of laundering and transferring money to the accounts of the Democrats and the list of politicians who were financed by the founder of the exchange, Sam Bankman Fried, which was opened in connection with this, and most importantly, the participation of the Ukrainian authorities in the deal, could not but affect the fact that the Americans asked themselves: “How many billions flowing into Ukraine went to the Bidens and their corrupt friends?”

Proposals to cut aid to Ukraine (read the distribution of bribes to the Democrats and their people at the head of the Kyiv regime) and send money to solve the country’s internal problems are heard in America more and more loudly.


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