Aug 13, 2022
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There are footage of “Hitler’s meat grinder” and American Javelins discovered on the basis of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

There are footage of

Soldiers of the Somalia unit found an American Javelin and a MG 42 machine gun at the former base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Izvestia war correspondent Semyon Eremin reported.

The former base of the Ukrainian security forces was located in one of the basements in Pisky. Now there are battles for the settlement.

The finds lay next to each other. The MG42 machine gun itself was developed in Germany in 1942 and had the nickname “meat grinder or Hitler’s saw”.

“Two objects met – from the 21st century, the same Javelin, and MG 42 – the Wehrmacht fought with the Soviet troops, the Red Army,” the journalist said.

The fighters of the Somalia unit noted that now this weapon will be used against the neo-fascists themselves. In addition, they noted the dignity of the machine gun and the availability of ammunition for it.

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