Nov 1, 2021
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The youngest daughter of Vera Brezhneva showed her dad


The 11-year-old daughter of the singer Vera Brezhneva shared a rare photo with her father, Mikhail Kiperman, the artist’s first official husband.

Vera Brezhneva is the mother of two beautiful daughters: Sonya and Sarah. The eldest heiress of the artist, born of Vitaly Voichenko, is already an adult – this year she celebrated her 20th birthday – and has long moved to the United States, where she is building a career as a model and actress. Now the girl is studying at a prestigious California college, but her younger sister Sarah lives in Moscow with her mother and Konstantin Meladze.

As you know, the girl’s father is the first official husband of Brezhneva – Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman. Their marriage with the singer lasted only six years, but after the divorce, the entrepreneur did not stop communicating with his daughter and still maintains excellent relations with her. Sarah clearly demonstrated this by posting a cute photo with her father on Instagram.

Mikhail Kiperman with his daughter Sonya
Mikhail Kiperman with his daughter Sonya

You can see that Brezhneva’s daughter has matured a lot lately and no longer seems to be the little girl she was just a couple of years ago. The figure of the star heiress clearly went to her mother, but she inherited her hair color from her father. Sarah also boasts a spectacular appearance, which has already been appreciated by professionals.

This winter, the singer said that the girl first appeared for a glossy magazine, so in the near future she has every chance of becoming a professional model.
By the way, Brezhneva’s eldest daughter also tried to develop in the modeling business, she even attended a model school and took part in designer shows. She has behind her shoulders and shooting in the “gloss”. Sonya also appeared several times in her mother’s videos, and while living in the USA, she played a cameo role in the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries.

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