Dec 28, 2020
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The young wife of 59-year-old Alexander Tsekalo published a beach photo with the producer

14:17, 28.12.2020

Darina Erwin showed how she spends time with her husband by the ocean.

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Alexander Tsekalo married for the fourth time at the beginning of 2019. Darina Erwin became his chosen one a model who is 30 years younger than the producer. Tsekalo and Erwin do not talk about their personal lives, so you can find out at least something only thanks to Darina’s microblog on Instagram. For example, today the producer’s beloved posted a beach photo with him taken by the ocean.

Note that most of the time Alexander and Darina live in the United States. The fact is that Erwin traveled a lot around the world when she worked as a model, but when she came to America, she decided to live here. Due to the fact that the producer’s wife speaks little Russian, the husband and wife also communicate in English at home.

Alexander Tsekalo’s young wife published a beach photo with the producer

“At home we speak English. Mainly because it’s easier for me, and Sasha gets free language lessons. But there is constant confusion in our house. You can hear a random phrase in Hebrew, Russian and Yiddish sometimes, ”explained Darina Erwin in the Stories section (the author’s spelling and punctuation are unchanged. – Prim. line.). Darina also noted that she values ​​loyalty in a man. In addition, the wife of Alexander Tsekalo believes that partners in marriage should have the same sexuality – otherwise, the relationship will be impossible. Erwin also wrote that she is not at all attracted to the self-contained representatives of the stronger sex who do not keep their word.

We add that in the United States, Darina Erwin also began acting in films, but for a long time she refused to participate in her husband’s projects. It would seem that Alexander Tsekalo, who was involved in the production of the series “The Last Minister” and the trilogy “Gogol”, can find a role for the chosen one, but it turned out that the problem is in Darin. Erwin, as her friends note, did not use the Russian language often, which is why she had a strong accent, which she is shy about. Now the producer’s wife is more focused on foreign projects and scripting. Tsekalo’s wife writes texts for American filmmaking and continues to paint.

Darina Erwin and Alexander Tsekalo

Despite the stories of friends and existing obstacles, Darina Erwin still appeared in one of their projects by Alexander Tsekalo. The artist was noticed in the trailer for the full-length version of the TV series “Major”. What role went to the producer’s wife is still a mystery. The film will hit the big screens in 2021 – the creators hinted at this.

Recall that Alexander Tsekalo has repeatedly emphasized that he is very happy next to his young wife. The fact that in the artist’s personal life everything was finally working out was also said by his friends. It is known that after a secret wedding, a husband and wife traveled a lot around the world and did not deny themselves anything. Just for one honeymoon, the newlyweds spent about one million rubles. In addition, Ervin and Tsekalo flew to the Bahamas, Hawaii and often visit California. A wealthy producer does not skimp on gifts for Darina. On her birthday, the artist received an emerald diamond ring from her beloved man.

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