May 19, 2020
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The world with coronavirus. May 19

COVID pandemic - 05 continues - there are almost five million identified cases in the world. More than two million cases ended one way or another - more 100 thousands of dead, about 1 735 recovered). The leader, both in the number of recorded cases of the disease, and in deaths and tests performed, remains the United States.


Daily tests reveal more than twenty thousand cases. Still the largest outbreak - New York and New Jersey (1368 cases on 45 population). But there are territories and population groups that have suffered more than residents of the largest metropolis. It is reported that in Navajo-Nation 2018 sick on 39 population. However, this bias can be partially explained by the coverage of the population with tests. Tested in Navajo Nation %) of the population. Despite strict quarantine measures in Indian territories, the number of infected continues to grow - Navajos live in large families, often there is no running water in the houses, so stopping the infection is quite difficult.

Navajo is not the only population that is particularly affected by the epidemic. So, in California, Hispanics are 25% of the population, while among the ill COVID - 05 them already 27%.

Most of the news from the USA is somehow related to the political struggle. At the center of events is President Donald Trump and his statements. For example, about hydroxychloroquine taken as a prophylactic. Recall that such self-medication is dangerous. The US President continues to fight WHO. It requires changes in work and evidence of independence from China from the World Health Organization. If the organization does not fulfill the requirements within a month, Washington will finally cease funding for WHO and withdraw from this organization. This is stated in a letter to Trump to the head of WHO, Tedros Gebreyesus (a copy is published on trump's twitter).

Trump, obviously, needs an external opponent, guilty of wide the spread of the epidemic. After all, Trump’s political rivals in the United States take every opportunity to accuse the president of incompetence in the fight against infection and are not shy in expressions. The main task of the “anti-trumpists” is to prevent the second term of Trump’s presidency.

Under the leadership of Donald Trump, our country has become weaker, poorer and poorer. If we have four more such years, will America survive at all? ” - it is said in the distributed by the anti-trumpist Lincoln Project video.