Nov 7, 2022
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The woman trusted Internet users to make important decisions for her

making important decisionsThe site OnlyFans is usually associated with adult content, but 23-year-old Laurie has managed to become popular on this site without posting particularly juicy material.

making important decisions

A young resident of Paris (France) offered subscribers a completely different entertainment. Instead of admiring her naked body, people vote on the life decisions Laurie makes. The lady boasts an ever-increasing popularity, and this is an undeniable success on OnlyFans. True, Laurie stressed that she would never put to a public vote a decision that could harm herself or others.

making important decisions

While people choose what to eat for our heroine for dinner, more important votes are also given to their attention. For example, after listening to users, Lori broke up with a “toxic” guy, took a helicopter tour (although she is terribly afraid of heights), and quit an internship that did not satisfy her.

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