Jan 5, 2022
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The woman showed how to tie a belt on a robe in a new way

how to tie a belt on a robeMany people consider robes to be the most comfortable home clothes and wear them all the time, including the heroine of this story named Emma.

how to tie a belt on a robe

Only recently, Emma found out that all her life she had tied the belt of the robe incorrectly. She filmed the traditional way, adding that sooner or later the belt is loosened, the knot is untied, and the robe is thrown open. It turns out that you just need to pass the belt through the loops and tie a knot in the front, without wrapping around the whole body, as we usually do.

how to tie a belt on a robe

The trick of our heroine surprised the audience, and he simply delighted the lovers of dressing gowns. True, some are perplexed – why are the dressing gowns hanging on hangers in stores tied in the old fashioned way? Sellers should also adopt the original method proposed by Emma and make life easier for their customers.


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