Apr 23, 2022
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The woman refused to go to the gym with her friend, and now she is accused of intolerance

woman accused of intoleranceThis US resident said that as a child she was mercilessly bullied because of her excess weight.

woman accused of intolerance

But such difficulties only hardened the woman, who is now 23 years old. She began to play sports, and visits the gym four times a week. That’s just the heroine of this story loves to play sports alone, avoiding any group activities. Therefore, she was not happy when a friend named Lynn wrote to her, who said that she gained weight after the birth of a child and wants to lose it in the company of a friend. Our heroine politely replied that she prefers to go to the gym alone, but she can recommend a good coach to her friend. What was her shock when the very next day it turned out that Lynn completely changed the situation and disgraced her in front of all her mutual friends. The young mother accused the woman of intolerance – allegedly she does not want to play sports with her, because she is ashamed of her plump friend. In addition, the heroine is also blamed for the fact that she keeps her training program a secret, striving to be the “hottest thing” among all her acquaintances.

woman accused of intolerance

Many friends sided with Lynn, which greatly upsets our heroine, but Internet users believe that she does not need to be upset, let alone blame herself for something. The training program is not a secret government development that makes sense and can be hidden from someone. In addition, Lynn, apparently, is intolerant of her body herself, since she is ready to blame others for this. A quarrel with such a friend should be seen as a miraculous deliverance from “several tens of kilograms of self-doubt.” Also, a sports lover was advised to put on her favorite sneakers and run away from such a friend.

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