Jan 28, 2021
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The woman of the convicted Efremova cannot access her husband’s money

In September 2020, the court found Mikhail Efremov Guilty in the case of a fatal accident, which resulted in the death of the driver of the van Sergey Zakharov. He was sentenced to eight years in a colony, later the sentence was changed, the term was reduced by the weather.

The woman of the convicted Efremova cannot access her husband's money

The woman of the artist Mikhail Efremov, Sofya Kruglikova, after the tragic events was left without weapons for existence. Before his arrest, the artist cashed weapons from his accounts and threw them in a safe deposit box, according to the Telegram channel Mash, citing the keys.

Only Efremov had access to the cell. As if he reported to measure, Sophia sent her representatives to the colony so that they would receive documents from her husband about the transfer of the lion for access to the cell. However, there was no result.

Also, according to the message, Kruglikova, because of what was happening, even refused to send parcels to her husband in the colony.

Note that official comments from Kruglikova in this relationship have not yet been reported.

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