May 4, 2021
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The winner of the show “Confectioner” spoke about the deception after the triumph in the project

A resident of Chelyabinsk Maria Tumanova became famous all over Russia after she beat him in the show “Confectioner”. However, as if Maria confessed, by the end she came to her senses with the help of deception and does not blush this.

The winner of the show

30-year-old Tumanova went from Chelyabinsk to the Russian capital for the main prize – a million rubles and the title of the most important national pastry chef. She was going to spend the prize money on developing her own business. In the city, she had her own small pastry shop, which bakes cakes to order. Together with a small team of employees, she creates wedding desserts with 16 different flavors.

With the million she won, she was going to expand production and build a separate sales area, and she also plans to scale the business. Maria is going to open one retail outlet in every district of Chelyabinsk.

Tumanova also reported that she had to cheat in order to reach the final of the project and win the main prize. At the time of the casting, she was belly. The young lady said that her belly was not visible, even though she was in her fifth month of pregnancy. And on the show there was a situation that the pregnant participants were disqualified, as if they could not take responsibility for the health of pregnant women during the filming.

Actually, therefore, she kept silent so that she would not be sent home. Maria admitted that her television popularity had a positive effect on sales at her pastry shop. The number of orders has more than doubled.

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