May 3, 2021
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The winner of “The Mask” Jony told who he considered his main competitor

Music performer Jahid Huseynli, better known as Jony, told Lera Kudryavtseva about the peculiarities of participation in the Mask project in the studio of the “Stars came together” program.

The new issue of the show “Stars converged” on NTV was dedicated to the finalists of the country’s most secret competition – “Mask”. The main guests of the program were Yusif Eyvazov (Lama), Yulia Parshuta (Snake), Timur Batrutdinov (Hare) and Jony (Crocodile), who won the second season of the project.

Leading Lera Kudryavtseva turned to the pop singer with the question of whom he considered his main competitor. Jony replied that he went to the project without thinking about winning, but the feeling of rivalry prevailed.

“If I say that I didn’t consider anyone as a competitor, it will be loud. But I just walked there, not expecting to win anything. Only at the end there was some sense of rivalry, ”explained the artist.

Most of all, Jony’s costume helped open up. In it, no one sees who you are, cannot identify you – this helps to liberate yourself and show your talent to the fullest.

“Nobody knew who I was, what height, nationality, religion,” added the winner of the project.

The first of the jury members to guess who is hiding under the mask of Crocodile was the singer Valeria. Comedian Timur Batrutdinov was the first to drop out of the race for a prize – he was immediately revealed by the judges.

Singer Stas Piekha was previously upset after the star jury revealed his identity on the air of the show “Mask” on the NTV channel.

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