Apr 2, 2021
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The winner of “Boys” Nastya Petrova accused her compatriot on the show “The Last Hero” of harassment

16:06, 02.04.2021

The TV star returned to reality filming to talk about the indecent behavior of one of the participants.

Former participant of the show “The Last Hero. Champions against newcomers “and the winner of the fifth season of the show” Boys “Nastya Petrova in one of the issues accused her fellow tribesman of indecent behavior, thereby triggering a wave of discussions of the current situation among the girls of the island. According to the TV-3 channel, Petrova dropped out of the third season of The Last Hero in the last episode, but unexpectedly returned and stated that one of the participants allowed himself to grab her from the waist down during their stay on the island.

It is worth noting that the 20-year-old girl survived an attempted rape by her uncle in early childhood. Then her mother managed to protect the girl by grabbing a knife, which is why she went to jail. After the incident, Nastya grew up in an orphanage. It is not surprising that this act of an adult man caused particular indignation among the winner of the show “Boys-5”.

Anastasia Petrova at the show “The Last Hero. Champions vs. Newbies “

Host of the show “The Last Hero. Champions against newcomers ”Yana Troyanova stood up for the former participant during the recording of the council and had a frank conversation with the cameras turned off. The actress made it clear to the participants in the show that she would not allow this to happen again. She also expressed her indignation at the fact that in the end she and the project team will have to be responsible for what they have done.

“You say to all women:” Be quiet! ” But she is not ready to live with being pawed! Why did we become to blame for his actions? I am opposed to this continuing on projects – on any! ” – Yana Troyanova expressed her displeasure during the recording of the Program Council.

Host Yana Troyanova at the show “The Last Hero. Champions vs. Rookies “

It is noteworthy that some of the cases mentioned by the project participants were not filmed. Therefore, now only viewers will be able to determine how it was in reality. In this case, the position of the TV channel is clear – it is better to make the incident public, so that this will never happen again.

Let us remind you that at the end of last year the fifth season of the show “Boys“. Anastasia Petrova became the winner of the project, she got a prize – one million rubles. In an interview, she said that she spent 500 thousand from the winnings on apartment renovations, and set aside 200 thousand as a safety cushion. Anastasia said that she began to take material spending seriously, because earlier, when she was fond of fights without rules, she could easily and quickly spend her fees.

Anastasia Petrova at the show “The Last Hero. Champions vs. Newbies “

Nastya admitted that due to a difficult childhood, she grew up quite aggressive, and also talked about drug problems. According to Petrova, she was even registered with a psychiatrist. but the reality show “Boys” forced Anastasia to reconsider her views on life, because of which she changed for the better. Nastya is a real fighter for justice, because she absolutely cannot endure when the weak are offend, and always stands up to their defense.

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