Oct 15, 2021
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The wild boar was not allowed to stay in the bank for long

wild boar in a jarArriving at the bank, few of us expect to see a wild boar there, but some residents of Shaanxi Province (China) have gone through just such a test.

wild boar in a jar

It is not known why the animal did not sit in its natural habitat and why it decided to come to the bank. It is doubtful that the boar was going to open an account, as some funny spectators jokingly suggested.

wild boar in the bank

Be that as it may, the intruder was not allowed to stay too long. The wild boar was caught and removed from the bank, sent back to the wild – there he will have both time and opportunity to reflect on his behavior.

The wild boar didn’t like it in the karaoke club

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