Feb 17, 2021
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The wife of the Univer star Ararat Keschyan remembered how the actor brought her to tears because of the sex of their first child

01:47, 02/18/2021

The actor was upset that he would become the girl’s father again.

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Currently 42 years old Ararat Keschyan and his wife Catherine are raising two daughters – eve and Diana… The couple first became parents in 2014. Previously the star of the series “Univer” already admitted that the sex of the firstborn took him by surprise. According to Keshchyan, he was sure that he and his wife would have a boy. So, the artist’s wife remembered how her lover brought her to tears with his discontent.

Ekaterina said that the incident occurred immediately after the ultrasound scan, on which the baby’s gender was established. “The doctor says, ‘You will have a girl.’ Ararat was very upset. And I was upset because of him. We got into the car, I – sob: “What do you want, the girl is not a person?” He was shocked by this news, but then got used to it, and a year after the birth of Eva he was already blissed out that we have a daughter, ”said Keshchyan’s wife. The actor’s beloved also added that the daughters made Ararat softer.

Ararat Keshchyan with his daughter Eva

In her interview for the publication “Atmosphere” Ekaterina said that after the birth of the second girl, the artist said that he would like a third daughter. Earlier, Ararat himself admitted that his life changed completely after the birth of his first child. The actor said that he began to rush home from work to see his daughter as soon as possible. The star devotes most of her free time to her offspring. According to Keshchyan, it is difficult for him to resist the gentle character of his daughters. “I’m lying on the couch, and Diana came up, gently cuddled, laid her head on my shoulder, hugged me:“ Daddy, I want to lie down with you. ” I doubt that the boy would have done that, ”said the actor.

By the way, Catherine became the second wife of Keshchyan. The actor’s first union was concluded in 2007 and lasted only three years. Ararat married his current chosen one in 2013. It is interesting that the couple played the wedding not once, but four times. The wedding ceremony took place in Moscow, Thailand, and then in the homeland of Catherine in Kostanay. According to the beloved actor, he and Keshchyan met at a time when the artist did not hope to find a new life partner. However, Catherine forced Ararat to rethink his views and return to family life.

Ararat Keshchyan with his wife Ekaterina

We add that this year there was a grief in the family of Ararat Keschyan. The artist’s mother died after a long struggle with a serious illness. Actor honored the memory relatives on February 15 in their microblog on Instagram. Ararat shared the story of one of the last meetings of his deceased mother and eldest daughter. According to Keshchyan, 7-year-old Eva gave her grandmother a heart cut out of paper and painted in bright colors. According to Ararat, his mother was very happy to receive a gift that her granddaughter made with her own hands.

It is worth noting that the family played a big role in the development of Keshchyan’s career. The artist began his career with performances as part of the KVN team, where he was carried away by his older brother Ashot… Over the years as a kaveen player, Ararat managed to bring several victories to his team, and also to establish himself as a humorous actor. However, the role of Arthur Mikaelyan in the TV series “Univer”, which the artist managed to get in 2008, brought wide popularity to Keschyan.

Ararat Keshchyan in the TV series “Univer”

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