Nov 15, 2021
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The wife of the Russian national team player Kudryashov, who scored his own goal, demanded money

An Instagram user demanded money from Anastasia Kudryashova, the wife of the Russian national football team defender Fyodor Kudryashov. The player’s wife announced this in her profile.

A man with the nickname vitaly_aristokrat asked the girl why the football player did not answer him. He also said that due to Kudryashov’s own goal, he lost 1,500 rubles in the sweepstakes, so now the defender owes him money. “He has a lot of them already,” added the user.

Kudryashova posted a screen of the correspondence, accompanying it with emoticons. In addition, the football player’s wife asked the fan for the card number.

Kudryashov hit his goal in the 80th minute of the decisive meeting of the 2022 World Cup qualification against Croatia. The goal was the only one in the match, because of the defeat, the Russians could not directly get to the world championship. The team will compete in play-offs for the right to play in the final part of the tournament.

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