Aug 21, 2022
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The wife of Stas Kostyushkin admitted where their 15-year-old son will study


The wife of the singer Stas Kostyushkin told what profession their son Bogdan chose.

The famous singer Stas Kostyushkin and his wife Yulia are raising two common children. The eldest son of the couple is 15 years old. Bogdan decided that after the 9th grade he would go to college. Star parents supported the boy’s desire. And now the teenager has become a student at the Moscow International Film School, he will study at the Animation workshop. Yulia Kostyushkina admitted that she was very proud of her son, who had to endure a difficult competition.

Now officially: Bonya is enrolled in Cinema College 40, Moscow, workshop: Animation 🤪🤪🤪🎉🎉🎉 Tears of happiness, exhalation, devastation, hysteria, my entire inner, incomplete, range of emotions and feelings. Of the 10 places allocated for applicants from outside, the college has another 7-8-9 class, 6 were state-funded!! As a result, they took only 8 children and only 2 paid ones, and I was pleasantly shocked by the fact that I was sure that Payers would definitely be given preference, which means there is a greater chance of enrolling ...”- said the wife of the artist.

Bogdan and Miron Kostyushkin
Bogdan and Miron Kostyushkin

But seeing today the list of admitted children, where most of the state employees, I jump even more to the ceiling, realizing what a huge and difficult competition was, and my boy withstood everything, coped and his talent was appreciated🙏🏼 still not fully believing that everything worked out, it worked out in the best way😬‘ she wrote.

Recall that Stas Kostyushkin began dating Yulia in 2004. And after 2 years they officially registered the relationship. The son of the spouses Bogdan was born on November 1, 2006, and Miron on December 10, 2015.

By the way, the artist has another child from a previous marriage. The boy, who was named Martin, was born on July 11, 2003. When he was very young, the singer left the family. Stas Kostyushkin did not share photos with Martin on his personal blog and rarely talked about him in interviews. However, he never forgot about him and helped his mother. And recently began to go out with three sons.

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