Sep 4, 2022
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The wife of Pavel Priluchny told about her fairy tale with him


The wife of actor Pavel Priluchny, Zepyur Brutyan, spoke about her love.

The magnificent wedding of the bright Zepyur Brutyan and the favorite of women Pavel Priluchny died down last week. And today, the newly-made wife told subscribers that their romance is like a fairy tale.

The young people had known each other for several years before the friendly relationship turned into something more. After a short romance, Pavel made a marriage proposal, and Zepyur answered: “Yes!”. The star couple formalized their relationship in May of this year and finally threw a lavish party.

The wife of Priluchny does not hide tender feelings. She willingly shares touching moments of life together with the subscribers of her blog. The brunette admits: from childhood she dreamed of unearthly love and she managed to meet the prince on a white horse.

I have always believed in love. And I always imagined her like that. But it seemed to me that this happens only in films and books. And then everything happened, like in a fairy tale. I am very grateful to fate. Now I can write about it, talk about it, and I believe with all my heart that you can create your own novel with pages full of emotions and feelings, madness mixed with children’s laughter”, 26-year-old Brutyan shares her joy.

Pavel Priluchny with his wife
Pavel Priluchny with his wife

Subscribers noticed how young people glow with happiness. “You can see how depressed Paul was for a long time. Everything is written on the face. And now he has blossomed next to a decent, charming, incredibly simple girl ”; “God grant that after many years all this remains in love”; “Paul has become younger, thinner and prettier”; “Paul’s emotions are running high. Happiness to you!“- they write in the comments.

The bright event of the summer took place in the villa “Rotonda” near Moscow. Among the 65 guests were the stars of domestic show business: Ilya Glinnikov, Alexei Chadov with his companion, Stas Mikhailov with his wife. The solemn ceremony was led by Stas Zubkov. The huge cake belongs to the master of confectionery art Andrey Shevlyagin. And Anna Gorodzhaya, a well-known wedding organizer, helped bring the fairy tale to life and create an unforgettable holiday.

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