Sep 9, 2022
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The wife of Pavel Priluchny spoke about motherhood


Actor Pavel Priluchny may soon become a father.

The artist spoke about how his romance began with Zepyur Brutyan, whom he married this spring. They met in 2018 on the set of the series Caged. The Armenian actress immediately attracted the attention of Priluchny, who was married at that time. The actor says that Brutyan was polite and sociable, which won him over.

Good upbringing and modesty. Even during the filming of the series “In a Cage”, where I was a producer, I noticed how she behaves on the set with other artists, make-up artists, costume designers – this is always significant“, says the actor.

At first, they were connected by a purely working relationship, and after the divorce, Pavel accidentally met Zepyur in a shopping center. Just three days after the first date, he decided to propose to her. The actress was not afraid of such a rapid development of events. Already in early May, the lovers got married, and then went to the registry office. The newlyweds postponed the wedding party for friends until August.

Pavel Priluchny with his wife
Pavel Priluchny with his wife

Brutyan dreams of giving birth to her husband at least two children. Priluchny is already raising his son Timofey and daughter Mia from his marriage to Agatha Muceniece. It is possible that in the future the actor will become a father of many children. Zepyur, looking at how cool her husband communicates with children, is very happy about the opportunity to become a mother.

With a dad like Pasha, you need to have at least five children. I would like a son similar to dad in character, and a daughter”, Brutyan said in an interview with Hello.

Pavel is also positive and says that it is “time” for him to become a father again. He claims that his son and daughter are also interested in when they will have a brother or sister.

It is interesting that psychologists unanimously speak about the fragility of Priluchny’s new marriage. Veronika Stepanova recently announced that in a couple of years the couple would part with the scandal. In her opinion, Brutyan contacted the actor in vain, whom his ex-wife accused of abuse.

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