Sep 17, 2022
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The wife of Leonid Yakubovich spoke about her husband’s reaction to the appearance of a child at his age


Presenter Leonid Yakubovich reacted unusually to the appearance of his daughter.

The third wife of the permanent host of the TV show “Field of Miracles” Marina Vido told how Yakubovich reacted to the news about the conception of a child. At that time, the man was 53 years old.

Vido noted that Yakubovich was surprised when the woman shared with him the happy news about the imminent replenishment in the family. At his age, indeed, few become fathers. However, the presenter did not make rash acts. And with the birth of Varvara in 1998, he showed himself to be a wonderful father. According to the third wife, he did not distinguish between daughter and son. Both children were treated equally.

He is an adult, wealthy man, so the story of the appearance of the child surprised him. It’s not that he didn’t expect this turn of our relationship. This is a big responsibility, but he behaved with dignity. With great love, with incredible tenderness, he treated the little one, as well as the adult”, Marina Vido shared.

Leonid Yakubovich - photo from the archive -
Leonid Yakubovich – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The first marriage of 77-year-old Yakubovich did not last long. Raisa and Leonid Arkadyevich got married while still students. The reason for the discord in the pair was the banal “mismatch of characters.” The TV presenter treated family life in those years simply: “No one then thought that marriage was serious. Well, there is a stamp in the passport, well, no. Think it’s a big deal‘, he recalled.

In the second marriage with Galina Antonova, the son Artem was born. In April next year, the man will celebrate his 50th birthday. However, this union also fell apart. The wife was not happy that the husband paid more attention to friends, not family. Relations finally went wrong when Marina Vido appeared on the horizon. The girl was 18 years younger than the famous presenter.

He filed for divorce. I didn’t do anything. Lenya hid another. Although everyone already knew. He is a public person, so everyone ran to tell me where he was and with whom. Lenya told me that he was not going to get married, he just needed to live alone”, Antonova will later share with “Tonight” on Channel One.

After the divorce, Yakubovich married Marina Vido, in 1998 a daughter, Varvara, appeared. The presenter carefully hides his personal life and family crises.

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