Jan 12, 2021
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The wife of Konstantin Khabensky touchingly congratulated him on his birthday

14:36, 11.01.2021

The actor turns 49 today.

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Konstantin Khabensky celebrates his birthday today. On the 49th anniversary, the star was congratulated by his wife Olga Litvinova. In her microblog on Instagram, she posted a photo of her husband and addressed him touchingly. Note that Khabensky himself is unlikely to be able to see the congratulations from the chosen one, since he does not have an official Instagram account.

“It’s so smoky here // and the light is unbearable, // that you can’t even discern your own hands – // who wants to live so as to be loved? // I want to live so that I can be loved! .. © Happy birthday “, – wrote Litvinova on the social network (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.). Note that Konstantin Khabensky prefers to hide his personal life from the public. The actor does not talk about the family in an interview either.

Olga Litvinova and Konstantin Khabensky

You can learn at least something about Khabensky’s life only thanks to his wife. Olga Litvinova publishes a photo of the actor and occasionally shares pictures of their common children. For example, in December 2020, the actress published a rare snapshot of her daughters taken at a health center in St. Petersburg.

Note that Olga Litvinova and Konstantin Khabensky have been together for about seven years – in 2013, the artists officially formalized the relationship. Three years later, their daughter Alexandra was born. On February 1, 2019, Konstantin and Olga became parents again – the actress gave birth to her husband a daughter, whose name has not yet been disclosed. It should be added that Litvinova hid her pregnancy. The replenishment in the star family became known after the fact.

Konstantin Khabensky with his daughter

Konstantin Khabensky manages to combine worries about the family with work, but the artist admitted that he does not spend as much time with his daughters as he would like. Thanks to the period of the pandemic, Konstantin managed to fill the gaps in communication with his family. According to Khabensky, before the girls saw him only via video communication, and when he came home, they were already asleep. Also, during the self-isolation regime, the artist took up repairs. He said that since childhood he loves to fix something and believes that every man must be able to do everything with his own hands.

Recall that Olga Litvinova is the second wife of Konstantin Khabensky. For the first time, the actor married on January 12, 2000, the journalist Anastasia Smirnova. In 2008, a 33-year-old woman died of brain cancer. Doctors in the United States fought for her life for a year, but the disease was stronger. After the death of Anastasia, Constantine raised his son alone, who at that time was only one year old. Now Ivan lives with his grandmother in Spain. It was not easy for Konstantin Khabensky to decide on a second marriage. In an interview with Irina Shikhman, he noted that he considered his new love to be a betrayal of his ex-wife. “Well, of course. Tell me, how a person, according to the idea of ​​the creator, should live – in love or in longing? In love. To forget is to betray. That’s how it is ”, – answered Konstantin Khabensky.

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