Nov 11, 2022
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The wife of Konstantin Ivlev was with broken ribs


The wife of chef Konstantin Ivlev Valery made a confession.

The chosen one of 48-year-old Konstantin Ivlev underwent another plastic surgery. Valeria admitted that she fulfilled her dream – she made a thin waist.

The young mother quickly got into shape after the birth of her daughter Nicky. However, neither sports nor proper nutrition helped her achieve what she wanted. This turned out to be impossible due to the structure of the body of Ivlev’s wife. Then the graduates of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University decided on a drastic measure. He underwent surgery using the Kudzaev method.

The social media star showed the result of the procedure today, hitting fans. Kudenkov was bombarded with questions about the operation. She answered the most popular ones by coming to the clinic for dressing.

The wife of the host of the show “On the Knives” was in a bodice, sports trousers and a special corset, which she had to wear for three months. Valeria introduced the doctor’s assistant Natalya. She revealed the secrets of the procedure.

Wife of Konstantin Ivlev with broken ribs
Wife of Konstantin Ivlev with broken ribs

Tell me, they removed my ribs? Kudenkova asked the specialist. “Yes you! Of course not! Ribs are not removed during this operation, this is the most important thing! With the technique of Dr. Kudzaev, the ribs are preserved. We just break the ribs a little, and then with a corset we form the waist we dreamed about. How is Valeria doing now?“, Natalya explained.

her new figure. “They write that it’s terrible, how the poor organs are there!” — the native of Taman complained. The specialist assured that the internal organs were not affected after the procedure.

Organs are not poor. Let’s remember how a woman’s body adapts during pregnancy. It’s the same here. The body will get used to the new position of the ribs and everything will be as before. We will remove the corset and maybe roll back 1-2 centimeters along the ribs. The rest of the rollback, girls, is due to the fat layer, which we then eat after the corset“, – said Natalia.

Kudenkova also explained that now her waist looks 2-3 times smaller, as the camera distorts the image. The corset tightens the body and when Valeria takes it off, the figure will look more natural.

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