Jun 16, 2022
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The wife of Konstantin Ivlev spoke about infertility


The wife of chef Konstantin Ivlev, Valeria did not think she could give birth.

Konstantin and Valeria Ivleva doted on their two-month-old daughter Nika. The couple was looking forward to meeting the girl. The chef’s wife admitted that they had difficulty conceiving a child.

When the chosen one of Konstantin Ivlev announced her pregnancy, hundreds of angry comments fell upon her. “They asked: “How did you manage to fly in so quickly.” Fast? I’m actually 30 and had no children! Never! This child is long-awaited for me! And everything, as I dreamed! Married! In love”, Valeria shared.

And Ivlev was angry at the haters for a reason. She tried for several years to get pregnant, but all attempts were in vain. “Worried. I was diagnosed with infertility for three years. But I understood that now there are many methods of treatment, and I will definitely be able to use some! I changed doctors, looked for the cause and even did laparoscopy (surgical intervention is used to treat and diagnose diseases in gynecology, including – approx. “”),” she recalls.

Konstantin Ivlev with his wife and child - photo from the archive -
Konstantin Ivlev with his wife and child – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

And even when she saw the cherished two stripes, Valeria until the last doubted her happiness. “I didn’t believe that I could get pregnant with hormone therapy. Even when the test showed … Until I personally made sure after the ultrasound … ”Ivleva assures.

The chef’s wife managed to get pregnant only at the moment when she let go of the situation and stopped worrying. “Oddly enough, it happened when I most did not expect it. I totally relaxed. On vacation in the Maldives, for the first time I allowed myself something that I hadn’t allowed for many years: I ate pasta with pizza and ate french fries, the bartender poured Aperol for me. I ate, drank, sunbathed and loved my husband. Brought plus five kilograms”, Valeria shared.

Konstantin himself made every effort so that they had common children. The 48-year-old presenter even lost 30 kilograms, prepared all the necessary conditions for raising heirs: he built a country house, and also started a new business to provide them with a better future.

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