Nov 1, 2022
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The wife of Igor Krutoy showed off in a catwoman costume for Halloween


The 58-year-old wife of composer Igor Krutoy, Olga, and her eldest daughter Victoria dressed in the same latex outfits for Halloween.

On the night of October 31 to November 1, English-speaking countries and not only celebrate Halloween, also known as All Saints’ Eve. In Russia, this day has both fans and critics. Apparently, the composer’s family belongs to the first. The wife of Igor Krutoy Olga and her eldest daughter Victoria had a costume party.

The wife of the famous composer Igor Krutoy, Olga, will turn 59 in November. But time, obviously, does not play against this woman, but for her. Olga Krutaya has become even more beautiful over the years. And next to her eldest daughter from her first marriage, Victoria looks like an older sister.

This proves the photo that Olga Krutaya shared in the microblog. In the picture, Olga and Victoria Krutoye appeared in the same costumes that they chose for the celebration of Halloween. Mother and daughter dressed in latex outfits, tightly wrapped around their figures. Almost copies turned out – two identical, fatal women – cats.

Olga Krutaya with her daughter Victoria
Olga Krutaya with her daughter Victoria

The Network is actively discussing how young and attractive the 58-year-old chosen one of the composer looks. “Very hot”, “Just sexy”, subscribers share their impressions.

Note that Igor Krutoy himself has ceased to appear at public events and is less and less likely to get in touch on the Web. The composer decided to leave social networks in February of this year. While the rest of the artists expressed their opinion about what is happening in the country and the world, Igor Yakovlevich simply fell silent.

But in mid-October, the composer broke his silence by making a heartbreaking statement on the 60th anniversary of Dmitri Hvorostovsky. The opera artist has been dead for five years.

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