Aug 26, 2022
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The wife of Dmitry Tarasov spoke nervously about the reunion with the former


Recently, football player Dmitry Tarasov decided to get along with Olga Buzova.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov divorced almost six years ago, but until now, any news about a new turn in the relationship of “gibberish” causes a lot of excitement among fans.

Moreover, the other day it became known that Dmitry Tarasov is ready to start communicating and dating his ex-wife again. And since this happened against the backdrop of rumors that he had not spent the night at home for a long time, this news caused a real sensation.

The football player confirmed that he suggested to Olga Buzova “to bury the hatchet”, but we are only talking about joint work. Like, he has no anger and aggression towards her, and he wants to cooperate with her.

Olga Buzova - photo from the archive -
Olga Buzova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Despite such an explanation of the reasons for the restoration of relations between the former spouses, everyone expected the reaction of Tarasov’s current wife Anastasia Kostenko, who bore him three children. And she answered. Anastasia confirmed that Dmitry and Olga had already crossed paths, but everything was nervous and scandalous.

Olya and Dima are public people. Sooner or later, they will still intersect at some event. By the way, this has already happened in December. It just turned out loud, nervous and scandalous. It’s better to make sure that Dima and Olya exist peacefully in the glade of show business!”, — shared 28-year-old Nastya with StarHit.

It should be noted that 35-year-old Tarasov has been absent from home for the last week for a good reason. He settled in Moscow City with his friend rapper T-killah (real name Alexander Tarasov), with whom he conceived a joint project, and hopes that the ex-wife will appreciate his undertaking – will support his new football media team Rodina Media.

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