Feb 18, 2021
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The wife of Alexander Ovechkin showed the training of the eldest son

Alexander Ovechkin's wife showed the eldest son's training

The wife of hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, Anastasia, shared footage with two-year-old Seryozha.

Anastasia Shubskaya has been the wife and main support of Alexander Ovechkin for almost five years. One of the most titled hockey players in Russia found happiness with his daughter Vera Glagoleva. They live in the United States, but last year the couple came to Russia to be closer to their relatives during the pandemic. This time, the couple brought not only their two-year-old son Sergei, but also the youngest heir Ilya, who is only eight months old.

Until recently, Shubskaya enjoyed a family idyll. She arranged gatherings with dad and friends. Ovechkin also gave her a grand birthday party, but recently the athlete is busy at work. The girl does not hide that she missed her husband. At the same time, the children do not let her be sad. The day before, she showed how Ilya is already standing on his legs and trying to walk. And the other day Anastasia took her eldest son to hockey training.

Earlier, Ovechkin taught his son to hold a club and put him on skates. Now the girl captured how he put on his uniform. On his back is a famous surname.

Ovechkin! Ovechkin, are you ready? ” – asked his mother.

The boy nodded in agreement.

What it is? The masseuses are so sweet“, – Shubskaya was touched by miniature skates.

For an hour, the heir to Alexander, together with the coach, learned to skate, hit the washers and keep balance. He even refused to rest.

The child does not want to leave the ice“, – later admitted Shubskaya.

After such a busy day, the girl saw her dad Kirill. He happily suckled with his grandson.

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