Apr 27, 2022
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The wife hid the pregnancy from her husband for the sake of surprise, and the man decided that the child was not from him

Wife hid her pregnancy from her husbandThe heroine of this story was convinced that not all surprises turn out to be successful. For example, this surprise brought the woman’s husband a lot of painful experiences.

Wife hid her pregnancy from her husband

In early April, the lady, who began to feel very sick, took a pregnancy test at home and realized that she was expecting her third child. To please her husband, the wife decided to save the happy news until the end of the month, because that’s when the man’s birthday. Our heroine was looking forward to how she would please the birthday boy with the fact that he would again become a dad. But a couple of weeks passed, and the husband suddenly threw a tantrum, with tears in his eyes, accusing the missus of being unfaithful to him. It turns out that the husband was taking out the trash and accidentally glanced at the positive test, which his wife imprudently threw into the trash can. For two whole weeks, the man pondered the discovery and came to the conclusion that since his wife hid such news from him, then the unborn baby was not from him.

Wife hid her pregnancy from her husband

After learning the story of the lady, people sympathized with her husband and said that she was wrong with her surprise. Still, she should immediately inform the missus about the pregnancy. Our heroine added that she realized the mistake, apologized to her husband and bought him frozen yogurts – the man loves this delicacy, considering it “medicine for the soul.”

Unable to go to the hairdresser, the man confided in his little daughter


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