Jan 12, 2022
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The wife did not want to give the winning lottery ticket to the husband’s cousin

lottery ticket for husband's cousinNot so long ago, the hero of this story had a belated family Christmas party, which, sadly, led to a quarrel with his wife.

lottery ticket for husband's cousin

Relatives have a tradition of organizing family gatherings after Christmas and exchanging small gifts, no more than $ 10. Usually our hero buys lottery tickets for everyone, but, as a rule, they do not promise big winnings. Once the man’s uncle won $ 50, and it became a whole event. However, this time it turned out much more exciting. The donor’s cousin checked his ticket and realized he had hit the $ 50,000 jackpot. While the man was embracing the lucky one in a strong congratulatory embrace, he noticed how his wife left the house and sent him an invitation to talk in private on his phone. On the street, a lady said that it was necessary to take money from a relative, since no one was going to give him such an amount. True, the woman did not take into account that her husband did not donate $ 50,000 at all, but an inexpensive lottery ticket, and everything else was tricks of a changeable fortune.

lottery ticket for husband's cousin

Our hero added that his and his wife’s financial situation is not luxurious, but stable, and $ 50,000 is not the amount that can radically change their lives. But the man’s cousin has just graduated from college, is at the very beginning of his career, does not have a car and is saving up for an engagement ring for his girlfriend. Of course, the money will help him a lot.

lottery ticket for husband's cousin

In the end, the husband had a falling out with the faithful, who demanded that our hero take the ticket from his cousin. Since then, the wife has not spoken to the man, but social media users advise him not to get upset and console himself with the thought that he is completely right. A greedy lady will have to restrain her appetites and come to terms with the fact that a gift (especially one made in front of witnesses) cannot be returned.

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