Mar 31, 2021
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The widow of the actor from the series “Capercaillie” and “Sklifosovsky” Dmitry Gusev was able to pay off the millionth mortgage debt after the death of her husband

12:52, 31.03.2021

Colleagues and friends of her husband helped Svetlana financially.

The actor died on January 13 of this year Dmitry Gusev, who played in such TV series as “Method”, “Kitchen”, “Fizruk”, “Sklifosovsky”, “The Other Side of the Moon” and “Capercaillie”. The artist’s body was found in his car as he drove to his wedding anniversary. According to doctors, heart problems became the cause of sudden death.

After himself, Gusev left a large mortgage debt. However, today it became known that Dmitry’s wife Svetlana have already helped to pay her off. “Sveta is now very difficult, fortunately, that Dima’s colleagues in the theater, friends and simply not indifferent people, for which we are grateful to them, helped her to pay off her mortgage on the house. There remained, as far as I know, about a million. All this amount has been successfully repaid, “said the head of the Moscow Theater in the South-West (where Gusev worked for 20 years – Prim. line.) Oleg Leushin

Dmitry Gusev (far right) as a driver on the set of the series “Ambulance”

According to Leushin, in addition to paying the mortgage, Svetlana is helped to make repairs. “Life is gradually getting better in everyday life. After the death of her husband, Sveta remained in a difficult situation – she had no job. Now, as far as I know, she is getting good offers, ”he shared.

It is worth noting that Gusev’s death was a big surprise for his loved ones, including Oleg Nikolaevich. According to the director, before the tragedy, the colleague did not complain about his health, on the contrary, he tried to work in full force to provide his wife and two children with a decent life. “Dima came to our theater in 2001, I won’t say that we were close friends, but we talked a lot about work issues. We were both involved in such performances as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “The Marriage”, “Accordions”. Of course, the misfortune that happened to him did not leave me indifferent, “Leushin said in a conversation with StarHit.

Dmitry Gusev in the series “Sklifosovsky”

Leushin shared that ten years ago Dmitry had some health problems. One day he felt unwell and even fainted. After that, the actor began to be treated. According to Leushin, Gusev had problems with blood vessels. In addition, Oleg Nikolaevich suggested that Gusev’s heart disease worsened due to the experiences associated with a temporary lack of work due to the pandemic. “We were all out of work for some time and, as a result, without money. Perhaps all this affected the well-being of the colleague, ”the theatrical figure emphasized.

Recall that Gusev was buried on January 16. The farewell ceremony took place at the theater where Dmitry worked for 20 years. “Theater in the Southwest has suffered an irreparable loss. We have lost an artist of incredible energy, immensely hardworking, devoted to the theater without a trace, full of charm and talent. By his appearance on the stage, he attracted all the audience’s attention and kept it to the end, ”the deceased’s colleagues shared.

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