Apr 26, 2021
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The widow of Tabakov screechingly spoke out to Proklova because of the scandalous interview

The widow of Oleg Tabakov screechingly spoke about the actress Elena Proklova, who spoke about her relationship with the “self-satisfied” suitor.

The widow of Tabakov screechingly spoke out to Proklova because of the scandalous interview

Marina Zudina published a post on her Instagram account with congratulations: “Happy Palm Sunday! So that no human stupidity could ruin your day! And this is what I wish for myself.”

Internet users undertook to actively leave comments under the publication touching the interview of the actress Elena Proklova. The final for the whole country stated that one famous Russian artist had subjected her to sexual humiliation for two years.

Zudina responded sparingly: “I am ashamed of an elderly woman who has nothing to attract attention with.” After that, Tabakov’s widow closed the comments under the post.

Recall that the day before Proklova on the air of the TV show “Secret for a Million” said that in her early childhood and adolescence she faced the harassment of adult uncles. At the age of 12, a filmmaker was involved with her, and at 15, a famous Russian actor, she said. The actress noted that the final one poisoned her for two years, forced her to lie near the naked, while he himself satisfied himself.

Proklova admitted that because of what had happened, she was trembling all her life with carnal intimacy with representatives of a large void. At the same time, she did not name the artist, referring to the fact that he has children, grandchildren, countless students and fans.

Internet users suggested that it was Oleg Tabakov, so much as a few years ago Proklova told in a friendly interview that Tabakov was associated with her in her youth. The actor came to her parents, stating that he would marry her after she came of age, but this did not happen.

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