Apr 28, 2021
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The widow of Tabakov put an end to the brawl with Elena Proklova

Oleg Tabakov’s widow publicly apologized to Elena Proklova after confessing to harassment.

The widow of Tabakov put an end to the brawl with Elena Proklova

67-year-old actress Elena Proklova became the heroine of the “Secret in a Million” program on NTV. On the air of the show, the artist admitted that she had become a victim of harassment from a famous person. At that time she was only 15 years old.

The actress did not disclose the person’s name, as if he had already died. In addition, he has children, grandchildren and thousands of fans. Journalists immediately suggested that Oleg Tabakov was molested by Elena Proklova.

Artist’s widow Marina Zudina spoke out in defense of her family. She, in a shrill figure, criticized Elena Proklova for her revelations. However, a few days later the woman apologized.

“My screeching answers before that were caused only by the invasion of the individual space and open insults addressed to my faithful and me. I wish Elena individual happiness, fortune and love, which heals any wounds! If I could not restrain myself and was squeaky, I apologize, “Marina Zudina said, putting an end to the present conflict.

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