Oct 13, 2020
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The widow of Nikolai Karachentsov said that she deserved a pension of 150 thousand rubles

03:01, 13.10.2020

Lyudmila Porgina said that she worked all her life.

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Lyudmila Porgina is not shy about talking about her income. The artist said that she receives 30 thousand rubles in addition to her regular pension. -bonus for the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Some were outraged by such a premium, while others decided that the widow of Nikolai Karachentsov was getting too little. For example, Nikas Safronov offered to pay Lyudmila Porgina 150 thousand a month.

“She left the theater only to be close to her husband, who never fully recovered after a terrible accident. She was the devoted wife of a great actor. Kept him afloat for many years. Karachentsov was seriously ill, but she was there. Let everyone who condemns her now try to spend at least a couple of years next to a seriously ill person: treat him, take him to doctors, deal with him, support him, help and at the same time not lose heart - and all this is available around the clock ", - Safronov told reporters.

Lyudmila Porgina

Lyudmila Porgina completely agrees with the artist's opinion. She declared that she deserves this money and considers the amount of 150 thousand rubles absolutely normal. Moreover, Karachentsov's widow has already told where she could spend this money. Lyudmila Andreevna believes that part of her pension could be set aside for a trip to Turkey or a modest vacation in Paris.

The widow of Nikolai Karachentsov also said that she lives quite modestly - does not allow himself to be chic and does not buy expensive jewelry. Diamonds, according to the artist, do not bring happiness. She enjoys love and work. Porgina does not consider her departure from the theater a feat. They are sure that the meaning of life is to help a loved one. Lyudmila Andreeva added that she was grateful to her husband for her son.

Lyudmila Porgina reacts calmly to criticism. She knows that there are people who are dissatisfied with the fact that she receives a supplement of 30 thousand rubles. But Karachentsov's widow reminds - she worked all day and deserved her money.

Nikolay Karachentsov

“I plowed from morning to night, played at matinees, in the evening - at adult performances. She sang, danced! I had a very large repertoire. I toured the whole country! I haven't been home for two months! And pensions ... What to do if we have such a country ”, - commented Lyudmila Porgina in a conversation with the“ Interlocutor ”publication.

Earlier, Lyudmila Porgina spoke out in defense of popular television programs, which they proposed to close. Karachentsova's widow said that thanks to the talk shows, she has an additional source of income. However, now, as the artist noted, the fees for participation in the filming have been significantly reduced. Porgina added that she goes to programs not only for money, but also to remember some moments from her life and say good words to people who deserve it.

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