Sep 17, 2020
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The widow of ex-soloist of “Tender May” Alexander Priko told how Andrei Razin ruined the musician’s career

18:40, 09/16/2020

The performer left the famous band in 1989.

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On September 2, it became known about the death of the ex-soloist of the group "Tender May" Alexander Priko. For the first time, information about the health problems of the 46-year-old musician appeared in early August. Producer Andrei Razin wrote in his microblog on Instagram that Priko is in the city hospital of St. George the Victorious in St. Petersburg. It soon became clear that Alexander was diagnosed with a coronavirus. In addition, in the course of treatment, the doctors diagnosed the ex-soloist of "Tender May" oncology.

It is worth noting that Priko died as a result of respiratory failure on the background of lung cancer at the age of 47. His wife Helen shortly after her husband's death, in an interview with reporters, she said that the musician was first admitted to the hospital on June 29. Then the doctors discovered that he had extensive accumulations of fluid in his lungs, but they did not make an accurate diagnosis. One of the first to honor the memory of Priko was his ex-producer. Andrey Razin in his microblog on Instagram expressed regret that he could not help Sasha.

Alexander Priko in his youth

I must say that Razin talked a lot about the last years of Priko's life. According to him, the ex-soloist of "Tender May" after the collapse of the collective Alexander lived in Moscow, and later in St. Petersburg. There he got married and completely immersed himself in family life. After the end of his career as a musician, Alexander worked at a construction site as an ordinary assembler. In addition, there were rumors that Priko was experiencing financial difficulties and that his mother ended up in a nursing home. However, today the widow of Alexander decided to clarify the situation. In a conversation with reporters, Elena spoke about how her husband's life actually developed during her collaboration with Andrei Razin and "Laskovy May".

It is noteworthy that Elena claims that the blame for the ruined career of Priko lies with the producer of the "Tender May" group. “Sasha said, for example, that after leaving there he and his former colleagues recorded at the same studio. And Razin paid the sound engineer to give him the backing tracks, which Kuznetsov wrote specifically for Sasha. Then the voice of Yura Shatunov was simply superimposed on these backing tracks. It was theft, but no one could do anything about it. Then, in fact, somehow they did not think about copyright, even such a phrase did not exist, ”shared the widow of Alexander Priko.

Group "Laskoviy May"

Elena also clarified that after leaving the group and ending his musical career, Priko really had a hard time. After all, for the sake of performances, he did not have time to get an education, having completed only eight classes. “And Sasha could not even return to his native Orenburg, because his sister managed to discharge him from the apartment through the court,” said the musician's wife. In subsequent years, the ex-soloist of "Tender May" tried to take on a variety of jobs, but each time he quit due to health problems. As a result, he got a job as a plumber at the Obukhov plant.

“Now they write that Sasha drank a lot, constantly went into binges. But he worked at a departmental enterprise! It’s not like being drunk - you couldn’t appear with the smell of alcohol! He treated alcohol in the same way as everyone else - he could drink a little on holidays, nothing more, "KP quotes Elena.

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