Jun 30, 2020
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The widow of Eugene Osina won a new trial from his mistress

Widow popular in the 90-ies of the last century singer Evgeny Osin won his mistress a new trial. The woman continues to take the apartment of the artist. The suit was left without consideration.

The widow of Eugene Osina won a new trial from his mistress

Beloved Eugene Osina, who died in the fall of 2018, represents the interests of his daughter Anastasia. She claims that the perpetrator is her biological father, so she is entitled to inherit his property. In a new lawsuit ex-girlfriend demanded to recognize the daughter heir. It was filed in the Chertanovo district court, but left without consideration. As explained by the lawyer of ex-wife, the plaintiff specifically appealed to the authority of the district where the heirs are not official registered. Thus, she wanted to get the decision on inheritance of the singer. Protection learned about the plans of the former mistress of an accident. The lawyers went to the court at the place of submission of the application and explained that the decision has already been made in favor of the widow.

The defender said that the plaintiff refers to the rather dubious arguments, including photos in which Evgeny Osin sealed with Anastasia, but these pictures can't be proof. Most worryingly, they sue in different courts, and the protection they have to keep track of and turn in order not to lose the apartment.

By the way, in the birth certificate of the daughter Skornyakova as the father indicated the other man. However, many friends say that the musician really loved the girl as his own. Of the property from Aspen was only an apartment in Moscow. This is the home of the artist was found dead. In the last months of its life, a star performer of the 90s was alone.

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