Feb 20, 2021
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The widow of Andrey Myagkov did not appear at parting with the actor

14:01, 20.02.2021

The funeral ceremony was held at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.

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Today, February 20, farewell to Andrei Myagkov took place in Moscow. You can watch the online broadcast “Around TV” from the scene here. His friends and colleagues came to see the actor on his last journey. Many warm words were dedicated to Andrey Myagkov from the stage, and the actress Vera Sotnikova burst into tears during her farewell speech addressed to her teacher and colleague. “If now I could give my heart to Andrey Myagkov, I would do it,” the actress admitted. The coffin with the actor’s body was carried out of the theater to applause, which lasted almost five minutes.

Many wanted to express their condolences to the actor’s widow, 77-year-old Anastasia Voznesenskaya. However, the People’s Artist of Russia did not appear at parting with her husband. In the first rows near the coffin sat Myagkov’s colleagues. According to the theater staff, the actress was unable to say goodbye to her husband because of poor health, reports “Interlocutor”.

Anastasia Voznesenskaya

Andrey Myagkov died on February 18. The unconscious actor found her husband at home. She called an ambulance, but her husband died before the doctors arrived. The death of the People’s Artist of the RSFSR was reported in the press service of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. “Andrey Vasilyevich Myagkov, the great artist, popularly beloved, theater teacher and director, passed away tonight,” the theater said. It was also noted there that in recent years Andrei Vasilyevich and Anastasia Valentinovna did not go on stage. “We lived in solitude, devoting ourselves to each other,” they noted in the theater.

Myagkov and Voznesenskaya met while studying at the Moscow Art Theater School. When a romance began between the future actors, they hid it from classmates. The couple’s relationship became known only after they got married. The management gave the newlyweds a separate room in the student dormitory. After the wedding, the couple were together not only at home, but also at work. They started together at Sovremennik, and then moved to the Moscow Art Theater.

Andrey Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya

In 2013, the acting married duo celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage. Throughout this time, the artists have always been for each other not only husband and wife, but also creative partners. Myagkov and Voznesenskaya had no children. To the relevant questions, they answered that in their youth they worked a lot and did not have enough time for anything. After the death of Andrey Myagkov, one spouse can apply for the inheritance. It is known that the actor owns suburban real estate, as well as an apartment in Moscow, located on General Ermolov Street, which is located near the Park Pobedy metro station.

It should be added that Andrei Myagkov successfully combined theatrical and film career. His first serious role on the screen was in Ivan Pyriev’s film The Brothers Karamazov. The artist became famous thanks to his long-term cooperation with the director Eldar Ryazanov. The actor played in the films “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”, “Office Romance” and others. Andrey Myagkov has starred in more than 50 films over the years of his career.

Andrey Myagkov

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