Apr 28, 2021
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The widow and children of Grachevsky may lose a multimillion-dollar inheritance

The widow of the founder of “Yeralash” Boris Grachevsky previously chatted that their family would not have problems with the distribution of the inheritance, but it was not without a showdown.

The widow and children of Grachevsky may lose a multimillion-dollar inheritance

Six months will pass soon after the death of Boris Grachevsky, respectively, his relatives should soon receive an inheritance.

Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya, the director’s widow, previously chatted that everyone would get what he hoped, there should be no lengthy proceedings. As if it turned out that only Catherine and her son could be deprived of payments.

At the beginning of April, the co-founder of the creative fraternity Arkady Grigoryan became the newly-made general director of Yeralash. The other day, the widow published scandalous details on her Instagram page, claiming a scam.

According to her, for 23 years her husband had a confidant, which accompanied the economic activities of the society, while he was engaged in creativity. In the meantime, this man, his name is not called, took upon himself the legal aspects of the activities of his brotherhood, as a result of which, using Grachevsky’s absolute trust, he received absolute control over his company and in fact everything that he formed for 47 years.

Belotserkovskaya also published on the social network the imprisonment of a specialist in handwriting examination, where it is shown that the arap forged the signatures of the director Grachevsky under the stately papers.

This information was commented on by the director’s former woman Anna Grachevskaya, the mother of his eldest daughter Vasilisa. She noted: “Borya would not put down what is happening now.” According to her, the direction of the General Director of Yeralash LLC happened without observing all corporate aspects.

It is known that Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya and her son Philip are portrayed as the heirs of the first priority on Grachevsky’s junk, the legacy also hopes for the director’s minor daughter Vasilisa.

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