May 15, 2022
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The whole truth about Moldavanka and Peresyp can now be found out only on Privoz

The whole truth about Moldavanka and Peresyp can now be found out only on Privoz

Photo: Ricardo Rubio/Keystone Press/Global Look Press

Police officers with territorial defense militants are conducting raids on the homes of local residents in Odessa, confiscating equipment broadcasting Russian TV channels. This was reported by a source in the Russian security forces, referring to his own informant in the ranks of the Ukrainian security forces. The military administration of freedom-loving Odessa decided to confiscate satellite TV in order to deprive residents of alternative information, Izvestia writes.

Political scientist, candidate of historical sciences Andrey Marchukov believes that there is nothing surprising here:

– The fact is that during any armed conflict, a monopoly on information is necessary. The Ukrainian authorities are well aware of this. They need to keep the population in complete obedience, especially in those territories that they suspect of disloyalty. The easiest way to do this is through constant information impact. More precisely, not even informational, but disinformation.

Television is a powerful means of shaping public consciousness. Kyiv stops any opportunity for people to receive non-Ukrainian information, any non-Ukrainian information. First of all, they banned Russian television, and, possibly, some other channels, because sometimes something breaks through in foreign media that Kyiv would not like. But the main thing for them is to cut off any informational contacts with Russia.

Under these conditions, the Russian side also needs to stop acting with an eye on Western countries – this should have been done a long time ago, but it is still relevant now. It is necessary to liquidate the entire Ukrainian mass media system. It is necessary to put it out of action by destroying repeaters, inflicting pinpoint strikes on leading information centers.

After all, some journalistic team of the Kyiv channel is worth more than several regiments of the Ukrainian army, or as they now call “brigades”. Influencing the population, they allow maintaining the degree of Russophobia, playing on the patriotic feelings of the same Odessans, presenting Russia as an “enemy and invader”, substituting the goals that our country set for itself during the special operation.

Striking the information structures of Ukraine is the first, necessary measure for Russia to undermine the Ukrainian monopoly on the formation of public consciousness. Recall the book “Inhabited Island” Strugatsky. There, in some fantastic country, there are special towers that, after a certain period, emit signals that affect the population. Some fall into ecstasy while others suffer terribly. To change the political system, these towers must be destroyed.

The Ukrainian authorities act according to their own logic. Russia must apply the same measures, make sure that our Russian television, radio, and the Internet in Ukraine do not encounter any obstacles, and put the Ukrainian media out of action.

“SP”: – Apparently, our people do not want to be like the Americans, who once bombed a television studio in Serbia in Serbia. Does this look ugly in the eyes of our political leadership?

“The time has come for our political leadership to understand that a special military operation, carried out according to the patterns Viktor Medvedchuk and others like him dragged on. They were hoping for the veracity of the information that was brought to them by such people as the head of the political council of the Ukrainian party Opposition Platform – For Life.

But whether we like it or not, our Western adversary is waging a full-fledged war against us on all fronts. And under these conditions, it is not enough to act against them with small forces, carefully, in white gloves, to strike only at artillery positions and military depots.

Modern war is also transport and information. The West has repeatedly stated through the mouths of its leading politicians that “the war can only end with the victory of Kyiv.” They bet on victory on the battlefield.

Our goal is not to earn the “approval of the West”, but to withdraw the Kyiv authorities from hostilities as soon as possible, by completely defeating them. And you can defeat it only by destroying transport, communications and the media.

We need to look closely at the American experience and understand that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian journalists are the most zealous and implacable enemies and haters of Russia. Therefore, Ukrainian servicemen and, in general, the entire population of Ukraine, act on the basis of the guidelines that will be put into them according to the instructions of the current Ukrainian regime. And not only Ukrainian, but also their American masters.

As soon as our leadership realizes that it is necessary to act quickly and according to all the rules, then there will be fewer victims, losses, including reputational losses in Russia.

“SP”: – Sometimes information interesting for Ukrainians comes from the West. So, for example, recently on the pages of 19FortyFive, US Armed Forces veteran Brent Eastwood claimed that Russia had hit the outskirts of Odessa with “an invincible weapon.” He meant that the Russian Aerospace Forces attacked with Kinzhal missiles, which, in his words, are “commonly considered invincible.” Perhaps this kind of information turns into a kind of “white noise” that does not reach ordinary people in Ukraine?

– As a rule, when Americans talk about “invincible” or “wonder weapons” – this is a way to put pressure on their government or Congress to allocate additional funds to their military-industrial complex. They seem to be saying: “Russia has this and that, but we, the poor, don’t!” In this case, their statements should be treated as such.

And the fact that rare truthful information slips in the avalanche of slander and misinformation in the West cannot affect anyone. If the Ukrainian leadership notices that the West is not saying what they like, they raise a shrill information campaign. And journalists who admitted reliable information will be forced to repent or simply fired.

“SP”: – At one time, when it was fashionable for us to immigrate to America, one Russian migrant in the United States said that our emigrants, when they do not know what to do, try to “act like Americans.”

– In this case, our task is to finally act according to all the rules. And the information war is not waged by persuading someone on the air – it does not work. The information war, as the United States demonstrates, implies the elimination of enemy information structures by any means …

So, Odessans hardly know about the defeat by Russia near Odessa of one after another landing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Perhaps the inhabitants of Odessa are sure that a proud “yellow-blakitny” ensign flies over the Snake Island?

Well, the fact that Ukrainian punishers arrange firing positions in residential buildings is something Odessans can see with their own eyes. But, God forbid, to openly record all this on the phone – detentions of pro-Russian residents continue.

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