Jun 16, 2022
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The whole truth about modern hygiene products

The whole truth about modern hygiene products

One of the industries that is not threatened by any crisis is household chemicals. All of us are its constant consumers. Each of us wants to be clean and beautiful. Or maybe you should consider at what cost? How harmless are the hygiene products that are on store shelves, striking in their diversity?

Until imported technologies reached the borders of our country, shampoos were divided into only three categories. Only the type of hair mattered. At the same time, our hair after washing looked healthy and shiny. What’s the secret? Using a special soap base. In modern shampoos, a completely different ingredient is used – lauryl sulfate. Thanks to him, we become hostages of manufacturers of household chemicals. This is a kind of “drug”. On the one hand, it washes the hair well, and on the other hand, it contributes to their rapid contamination. Here is such a vicious circle.

The shower gel is no exception, the composition of which is characterized by a higher concentration of various chemical compounds. Competent advertising on TV makes us buy novelties of the chemical industry, without thinking at all which of them are of high quality and safe, and which are not. Delicious aromas, massage effect, anti-cellulite, rejuvenating… What manufacturers do not give us any promises! And we are chasing fashion, forgetting that the main purpose of these products is to provide our body with a feeling of purity.

Another line of hygiene products is aimed exclusively at women. It would seem, why are tampons and sanitary napkins bad? Would you be surprised to learn that not all women’s pads are equally good and safe? Gynecologists say that it is such a hygiene product as panty liners that can contribute to the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Yes, they protect linen, but they also do a lot of harm. The adhesive layer, like synthetic underwear, does not allow air to pass through and creates ideal conditions for “women’s diseases” to become constant companions of the fair sex. However, you will not notice the harm from them if you regularly change this personal hygiene product. Those who do not want to become a permanent patient of a gynecologist should remember that tampons can only be used as an emergency. After a couple of hours, it should be replaced.

Trust that no one wants to scare you. Only those who have the necessary information can withstand the circumstances and save the health of their family!

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