Apr 18, 2021
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The White House warned Russia about the “consequences” in the event of Navalny’s death

If Alexei Navalny dies in the colony, Russia will face “consequences,” said US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on CNN. According to him, Washington warned the Russian government about this.

According to Sullivan, the US administration is already considering possible measures that could punish Russia in the event of Navalny’s death. Sullivan declined to publicly name these measures. He added: the Russian government was told that it is responsible for what is happening with Navalny in prison and will be accountable to the international community.

US President Joe Biden on April 17 called what is happening with Navalny in the colony “absolutely dishonest and completely unacceptable,” AFP reported. Sullivan said Washington considers direct and private engagement with Russia’s top leadership more effective than making public statements. So he explained that Biden avoided the topic of Navalny in his speech on Russia after the announcement of new sanctions on Thursday, April 15.

Navalny “will not be allowed to die in prison,” Russian Ambassador to Great Britain Andrei Kelin said in an interview with the BBC. According to him, Navalny’s treatment will be “taken care of”, and the real goal of the opposition’s actions is “to attract attention.” Kelin added that Navalny behaves like a “hooligan” in the colony and tries to “break every established rule.”

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