Apr 29, 2022
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The West is developing and openly discussing plans for a war with Russia

New NATO battlegroups deployed in the Baltics and Poland

British writes about it Daily Express in the article “Map of NATO: three countries that could be the first to attack Russia in the third world war.” According to the author of the article, in the event of a third world war, the USA, Germany and Great Britain will first of all take part in the attack on Russia.

Over the past month, the wishful thinking article claims, Russia has become a “global pariah” and massive sanctions have cut it off from the rest of Europe.

Daily Express notes that the Cold War secured the status of the world’s leading nuclear powers for the United States and Russia, and over decades of nuclear proliferation and build-up of arsenals, they have accumulated large stocks of warheads. At the peak of the nuclear race, Russia had 45,000 such weapons, and the US arsenal was 31,255 warheads. This rivalry still exists today.

The author of the article in the British edition is frankly intimidating: he believes that our country will be attacked not only from the USA, but also from Europe from bases in Germany, Turkey, Belgium or the Netherlands using hundreds of B-61 nuclear “gravity bombs”.

Daily Express convinces his British readers that Germany will be in the vanguard of the attack on Russia, along with the United States. Under Chancellor Scholz, Germany increased defense spending to 2% of GDP, raising the annual military budget from 50.3 billion euros to almost 70 billion euros. As part of the increase in military spending, the Germans plan to replace their Tornado fighter-bombers with American ones. F 35 Lightning IIcapable of delivering nuclear warheads. As for the UK, it has about 225 warheads deployed on the basis of the Trident system.

Not only the media, but also military pensioners are talking about the preparation of the West for an attack on Russia. As Air Marshal Edward Stringer, former RAF commander, told LBC radio, nuclear war “is already in the realm of the possible, people need to understand that.” They began to talk about the terrible as something ordinary.

This period of events began in 2014, when, after the coup d’état in Ukraine, it became possible for the West to create a Ukrainian foothold in the confrontation with Russia. At the same time, the formation of the so-called Joint High Readiness Task Force VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force) began in NATO structures. After 7 years, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced: “Perhaps the most important thing we have done is that for the first time in the history of NATO, we have combat-ready troops in the eastern part of the alliance. New battlegroups have been deployed in the Baltic States and Poland, and the NATO Rapid Response Force has tripled.”.

NATO armed forces have come close to the Russian borders, are preparing, according to rumors, to seize the Kaliningrad region, are increasing their presence in the Baltic states, threatening allied Belarus, and NATO officers and Western mercenaries are participating in hostilities in Ukraine. On the horizon there will be a transition from a military confrontation with Russia by the forces of Ukrainian neo-Nazis to a confrontation with it by the forces and means of the collective West.

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