Apr 29, 2022
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The weirdo went on a trip dressed up as a mouse mascot

mouse mascot costumeMany Internet users like to take walks using Google Maps, and it’s not even that you can see a lot of information in this way.

mouse mascot costume

Some virtual travelers are looking for funny street scenes and, of course, they find them. One of these discoveries was a shot taken in Orange County (California, USA).

mouse mascot costume

The map immortalized a certain eccentric who went on a car trip in the costume of an anthropomorphic mouse, whose name is Charles Entertainment Cheese (Charles Entertainment Cheese) and which is the mascot of the Chuck E Cheese family restaurant chain. It’s funny to watch a smiling mouse lean out of the window to greet the Google Maps machine.

mouse mascot costume

People have suggested that the stranger’s antics might not be related to eccentric behavior. Perhaps he works in one of the restaurants as a mascot and dressed up in a uniform in advance so as not to waste working time on reincarnation as Charles.

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