May 3, 2021
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The week after Easter from 3 to 8 May 2021: do’s and don’ts

The week after Easter from 3 to 8 May 2021: do's and don'ts

On May 2, the entire Orthodox world celebrated the brightest and brightest holiday of the year – Easter. The celebration of the Resurrection of Christ does not end there. It will continue until May 8. It is great to remember what can and cannot be done at this time.

During a clear week, you can make lust, be near with loved ones and enjoy life. These are the brightest and most positive times of the year for any Orthodox Christian.

The week after Easter is called clear week or Easter week. During this stage, there is no usual fast on Wednesday and Friday. During the Bright week, you can eat any food and have fun with all the pressure.

As is famous, Jesus Christ did not immediately retreat to Heaven after death. For another 40 days he was near with his students and the Virgin Mary. Those were clear and calm times, absolute warmth, love and tranquility. Actually, therefore, it is majestic to rejoice and remember that this time carries innumerable kind-heartedness.

In the bright week you can’t fast, even if you are preparing for the sacrament. This is strictly forbidden and it is impossible to do this without the permission of the priest.

While reading prayers at home and in the temple you can not do long bows… You can bow just while standing.

One must rejoice and be merry, but remember that the total must be in moderation. You should not lean on alcohol under the pretext of a clear holiday.

The week after Easter you can’t do household chores… You can wash dishes, but nothing more. It is strictly forbidden to make repairs, engage in disastrous work in the garden. Of course, this does not mean that nothing should be done at all. This week you can do something simple, small household chores, alone or together with loved ones, but without swearing, without quarrels.

In the period from May 3 to May 8, it is possible and even necessary read books, develop internally… You can study, prepare for exams. It is considered that at this stage the Lord helps to assimilate new information more importantly.

In no case is it impossible to grieve for the dead, visit cemeteries, hold memorial services… Keep grinning, giving your friend gifts.

Waznecki, if you have the opportunity to take a vacation during the Clear Week after Easter. At this stage, it’s great not to think about work, about problems.

After a clear Easter week comes Fomino Sunday. Do not forget about this majestic divine event, which is also popularly called the Red Hill.

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