Sep 18, 2022
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The War Zone: For the Kharkiv counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to choke, the Russians did not have enough thermal imagers

In the photo: military personnel using the fourth-generation night vision device 1 PN 141-1 and the latest thermal imager 1-PN-140-2

In the photo: military personnel using the fourth-generation night vision device 1 PN 141-1 and the latest thermal imager 1-PN-140-2 “Shahin” (Photo:

The mainstream (read, propaganda) American press writes a lot and snobbishly about the “heroic” defenders of independence, who allegedly defeated the second army of the world in the Kharkov direction. This blah blah blah could be ignored, if not for some noteworthy moments. Let’s start with the fact that the Yankees, as they say, study the past battle under a microscope.

The Pentagon portal The War Zone directly writes that the US Marines can learn many useful lessons for themselves on how to fight the Russians. Pay attention, not with someone else, but specifically with our soldiers.

According to the Yankee expert Howard Altman from this publication, in the forests of Slobozhanshchina, I “overcome” for Nenko “obtained” Bandera DRG and American intelligence. No, he does not write about it directly, but sheds light on what happened in the Kharkov region.

The WZ article says that the Bandera commanders of small units penetrating our rear had the widest powers, while they were well aware of the movements of our troops. Say, all this “confirms the fact that well-trained, experienced and mature commanders of small units, capable of making decisions, have much more power than a “regulated army.”

In fact, the commanders of the DRG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkov region did not have any other tasks than to kill Russian soldiers from ambush, attacking a single transport or small columns of our troops. There can be no doubt that the Yankees used all their intelligence capabilities, both satellite and radio intelligence, to provide the Independence defenders with operational information.

Another thing is interesting, according to the conclusions of The War Zone, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used a controversial concept in the United States for the war with China, which was developed by the Stars and Stripes General David Berger. It’s called Force Design 2030 and is about “turning the Marine Corps into a distributed force.”

It is based on the idea of ​​”guerrilla attack on enemy troops with the help of small detachments, read DRG, until the enemy’s damage from sabotage and small attacks exceeds the value of the defended territory.” Like, due to unexpected and unacceptable losses, the opposite side may have a feeling of the collapse of the front and a desire to retreat to more advantageous lines in order to minimize the number of dead and wounded.

Again, this idea was considered dubious and controversial at the Pentagon, since small DRGs are supposed to be easily destroyed if they are detected in time. In addition, deep raids to the rear and attacks on garrisons, albeit small ones, lead to a sharp increase in the logistics shoulder. In short, there are more cons than pros.

Therefore, we can safely reject Altman’s propaganda nonsense about super-duper coming out soldiers, and even more so the chatter of the “colonel” Arestovich and his fans, including Russian ones, about the weakness of the second army of the world. In fact, for us it was a completely new and unknown challenge, to which the Russian defense industry must quickly respond. This is not about Bandera DRGs, but about American complicity with impunity and their effective target designation.

In other words, the Kharkiv offensive, planned, without any doubt, by the staff of the US Army, could easily choke on Bandera blood if the RF Armed Forces had high-quality anti-sabotage equipment that detects small groups of people at a decent distance.

Actually, there is nothing supernatural in the discovery of the DRG. We need autonomous motion sensors, cameras that react to changing situations, signal minefields and thermal imagers along the entire line of contact.

All this, by the way, is in NATO, and Israel has generally achieved the greatest success in this field. As they say, life forced, or rather the fight against Palestinian saboteurs. We are talking about military Internet things with secure communications. If for us this is something from the realm of science fiction, then for the alliance it is today, and quite affordable.

In the meantime, the supporters of the independence are trying to repeat the success of their Balakley operation. In particular, along the Oskol River, the Armed Forces of Ukraine not only deployed numerous DRGs, but actively maneuver artillery, striking at our defensive formations. The guiding hand of the Pentan generals is again felt.

How not to quote here the comment of the commander of the Vostok battalion of the armed forces of the DPR Alexander Khodakovsky: “At night, the DRG tried to get through our orders – apparently, they are probing the defense. If it were not for the help provided by the civil society of the army, the enemy could come close and destroy our position. But thermal imagers do their job: the soldiers put the device on the surface, connect it with a smartphone through a phone application, and, being in shelter, observe the approaches.”

If you watch a video of independent military correspondents about successful sabotage in the forests of Slobozhanshchina, then you can easily guess the surprise factor that allowed the soldiers to attack our checkpoints almost point-blank. As they say, draw your own conclusions.

It makes no sense to sprinkle ashes on your head, and even more so to blame our command – they say, they were not prepared for this type of conflict. In reality, even the Yankees did not know how the fighting would go and which weapons would be effective and which would not. For example, the same Azov* people considered the Javelins a useless toy. Also, the hopes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for HARM anti-radar missiles, which showed zero effectiveness on the Ukrainian battlefield, did not come true.

In this situation, it is much more important to quickly close the gaps. In particular, the appearance of Geran-2 kamikaze drones at the disposal of our troops was a real shock. What is especially important is that even the Yankees called this type of drone a Russian product, albeit very similar to the Iranian Shahed-136. Now the experts are waiting for the mass appearance of other Russian UAVs, including strike ones, which will close the so-called “Heimars problem”. There is no doubt that our defense industry will also launch the release of new adjustable bombs in the amount that is enough to destroy the near rear areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine without entering the zone of responsibility of independent air defense. In this regard, I would like to hope that there will be no shortage of thermal imagers.

We also add that the American expert community began to whine that because of the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the old man Biden merges the most important military “surprises” that the Yankees guarded like the apple of their eye in case of a direct war with our country. Here it makes sense to quote Alexander Khodakovsky once again:

“Of course, strengthening the enemy with NATO means that make the war more bloody does not please anyone. But think about this. We and all potential adversaries of NATO got the opportunity to compare our abilities on such a training ground, where you do not just compare performance characteristics, but compare everything as a whole. Our vulnerabilities become apparent in practice, not in theory, and if we are not going to sign in impotence, then the knowledge gained will form the basis of future rearmament.

There is no doubt that our defense industry will master the production of many new types of military equipment, including anti-sabotage.

* The Azov Regiment was recognized by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation as a terrorist organization and its activities are prohibited.

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