Oct 16, 2020
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The Wall Street Journal: Hundreds of Mercenaries Fight in Nagorno-Karabakh

Despite the confessions of the militants themselves, Ankara and Baku continue to deny the presence of mercenaries in Karabakh

One of the largest and most influential American publications, business newspaper Wall Street Magazine talks about the fact that hundreds of Syrian militants - allies of Turkey - take part in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh. They are fighting on the side of Azerbaijan. And hundreds more of the same militants are ready to take part in this war.

“Following the escalation of the conflict between the two former Soviet republics near the Russian border, Turkey hastily declared its support for Azerbaijan, a Muslim-majority Turkic-speaking country, although Russia has traditionally dominated the region. For three decades, fighting periodically flares up between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh, inhabited by Armenians, but considered part of Azerbaijan. The truce between Armenia and Azerbaijan, concluded with the mediation of Russia, did not lead to the cessation of hostilities, "

- writes The Wall Street Journal.

The publication notes that the first rumors about Syrian mercenaries appeared in Nagorno-Karabakh during the July aggravation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Then they said that Ankara was recruiting militants in Syria to participate in hostilities, and then groups of militants of a hundred people were transported to the territory of Turkey and Azerbaijan, where they had been all this time. One such militant told the newspaper's correspondent that in total several hundred mercenaries were recruited, but many have already refused to participate in the military conflict. "Frightened by fierce battles"...

Turkey has attracted Syrian militants to its side before "To achieve foreign policy goals"... This year alone, Ankara sent about 5,000 Syrian mercenaries to support the internationally recognized government in the civil war in Libya, thereby strengthening its influence in negotiations on the outcome of the conflict in this oil-rich country, which Turkey desperately needs. True, in this case, Ankara had to come into conflict not only with Russia, but also with a number of Arab states. However, Turkey's attempts to take part in the Karabakh conflict in Russia were regarded as an invasion of a region that has always been considered its own, the author of the article explains. Raja Abdulrahim (King Abdulrahim)...

One of the Syrian mercenaries said that many were tempted by a salary of $ 2,000, because for a war-torn country this is a lot of money.

“Recruitment to Libya or Azerbaijan has become the norm. People do not care for whom and with whom to fight, now the only thing everyone asks about is money. They will go where they pay. My family is barely making ends meet, and I didn't think much. We are sent to death. But we need to earn a piece of bread for our families, ”

- quoted by the publication of the Syrian militant.

According to the mercenary, you just need to cross the border of Turkey, from where all the recruits are transported to Azerbaijan by charter flights.

Another Syrian, who has the opportunity to communicate directly with relatives fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, says the losses among the militants are huge.

“They say it's a living hell. Those who went there and are still not killed or wounded are an exception. Many fighters already want to return, they say, about two hundred people want to return home, "

- said the mercenary.

"Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu touched upon the issue of militants in the Middle East in a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar. The next day, Russia warned of a possible transfer of terrorist fighters from the Middle East to Nagorno-Karabakh. However, Turkish officials did not comment on Moscow's statement, although earlier the Turkish Foreign Ministry called the accusations of involvement in the sending of Syrian militants to the Caucasus "baseless." Azerbaijani officials also deny the transfer of foreign mercenaries, "

- states Wall Street Magazine...

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