Sep 9, 2021
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The Wagnerian Case: Lukashenka averted the Blow from Putin?

The Wagnerian Case: Lukashenka averted the Blow from Putin?

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

The scandal with a group of Russian citizens detained by the KGB of Belarus in Minsk in July 2020 has gone to a new level. The CNN television company, without disclosing the source of information, reported that behind the operation of the SBU of Ukraine to capture the alleged participants in the hostilities in the south-east of Ukraine, there were Tsareushniks who helped their Ukrainian colleagues with money and advice. That is, Washington was directly interested in the operation against Russia.

Can you trust this information, because it does not present the White House in the most favorable light?

– It is quite obvious that the Ukrainians did not come up with this themselves, – believes veteran of special services Alexander Mikhailov… – The operation was carried out according to the patterns of the American special services. You probably remember operations involving citizens of the Russian Federation and other states, whom the Americans literally stole from third countries in order to prosecute them under their laws. At the same time, they were practically not guided by the system of evidence, but simply accused and appointed the perpetrators. The Wagnerian story is close in technology to American operations. And I will say even more, most likely, it was developed by them.

Operations by American special services against Russian citizens are commonplace. Let’s remember at least the sensational case Victor Bout, his company was engaged in air transportation of goods. The United States accused the entrepreneur of activities that threaten the implementation of American policy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Americans lured Victor Bout to Bangkok, posing as Colombian rebels from the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – Army of the People), wanting to strike a deal for the supply of weapons. On March 6, 2008, Bout was arrested by the Thai police. Initially, the Thai court refused to extradite Bout to the Americans, since it did not receive sufficient evidence of his guilt, and even established that the FARC is not a terrorist organization. But under pressure from the Americans in August 2010, the Thai Court of Appeal decided to grant the US request for Bout’s extradition.

Another high-profile case is the capture in Liberia and the extradition of a Russian pilot to the United States. Konstantin Yaroshenko… The Americans accused Yaroshenko of preparing to transport three consignments of cocaine worth $ 100 million to Liberia and Ghana. Suppliers, according to their assurances, were … FARK. It is striking that Yaroshenko was not accused of smuggling as such, but of preparation for transportation. Allegedly, he realized that from there the drugs would be delivered to the United States, and on this basis it was concluded that he was involved in a conspiracy, the purpose of which was to transport drugs to the United States.

Another story: in July 2014 at the airport of Male – the capital of the Maldives – US intelligence officers detained a Russian Roman Selezneva, who flew in with his wife and young child. True, after a while, the President of the Republic of Maldives Abdullah Yamin said that Seleznev was detained by local police – otherwise it turned out that the Americans in the Maldives do whatever they want.

The American Themis accused Seleznev of hacker attacks on banks, and the Russian Foreign Ministry regarded the actions of the Americans as the abduction of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

In order not to shy away from the topic, we do not recall the cases when Russian citizens were detained by the police of third countries on charges that were fabricated in Washington and we do not discuss how white and fluffy the detainees were.

The bottom line is that we are dealing with experienced provocateurs who deftly manipulate the laws and norms of international law. And it is extremely unpleasant that our immediate neighbors have followed the same path. Moreover, instead of complaining, they say, the overseas demon beguiled, they insist on their “authorship.”

“What happened in Belarus is an absolute tracing of US operations,” continues Alexander Mikhailov. – I, of course, understand the indignation and negative reaction of the Ukrainian special services when we point out that they are not independent. Why be offended? They use the services of American instructors, the services of specialists who equip them with their technologies, it is immediately readable. After all, the operation began through dummy accounts, through dummy people, the task was only one: to lure out, and then – like the cards will fall. Of course, I recognize that the Ukrainian side has the right to intelligence, but they would hardly have thought of such a multi-step operation themselves.

It must be admitted that serious work was done to capture the Wagnerites. Organizing a fake recruitment, collecting all the defendants in one plane, and then, under some pretext, plant him on the territory of Ukraine, thus, to get the participants in the hostilities in the Donbass, who themselves retold their combat biography – this is not a bug for you. After all, the Ukrainian side, if successful, could use their testimony as proof of Moscow’s involvement in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. Among them were two people who were allegedly present at the time of the missile launch at MH-17. And this is a direct gift for the tribunal in The Hague, which is investigating the incident with the downed Malaysian passenger plane in Donbas.

So what happens: the KGB of Belarus, which detained this group, did Russia a favor?

“On the contrary, it only aggravated the situation,” Aleksandr Mikhailov disagrees. – Remember what a violent reaction the President of Belarus caused this detention. Lukashenka everyone was seething, terribly indignant and carrying some kind of nonsense about the fact that the Wagnerites had come to remove him. There was an accurate calculation of his manic suspicion and the “double standards” that he adheres to, wanting to sit on two chairs at once. Who was Lukashenka’s first conversation with? WITH Zelensky! After all, he practically promised Ukraine to hand over the detainees. The SBU has already been rubbing their hands, expecting that they will be handed over to Russian citizens, and they will do with them what they want, unleashing the scandal in a purely propaganda vein.

It must be admitted that at the beginning the process developed exactly according to this scenario. Only then did they manage to stop the scandal. And through negotiations between the two presidents, the problem will be resolved.

And, of course, questions remain: who threw in the information about the 200 militants who arrived in Minsk? Why did President Lukashenko so easily believe that Russia is going to organize riots in Belarus? Or did he just pretend to believe? What would have happened if the group still got to Venezuela: they would have been looking for a non-existent employer for a long time, or good fellows with handcuffs would have been waiting for them at the airport?

Maybe someday we will find out about this. As well as about where the gold of the Nazis went, and who killed the president Kennedy

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