Jun 22, 2022
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The visitor was not allowed inside the restaurant because of the cropped top

crop top in restaurantEmma Prince is extremely upset about her visit to Wolverton House Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery (Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England).

crop top in restaurant

Moreover, the mother of the family swears that her feet will no longer be in this institution. Trouble began already at the entrance, because Emma was told that in her cropped top she could only sit at a street table, and even then, on condition that she put on a shirt. Although the friend of our heroine was also in the top, there were no complaints against her. Sitting in the courtyard of the restaurant, Emma was languishing in her shirt and looked in surprise at the other patrons – women in shorts and men with bare chests. For some reason they only cared about her. Yes, food was a problem. Emma ordered a burger for herself and a mac and cheese for her two-year-old daughter, but an hour went by with no order. The visitor is sure that this was done on purpose. It ended with the mother of the family taking her hungry daughter to McDonald’s.

crop top in restaurant

But the most interesting thing began when Emma decided to complain about the restaurant that offended her. Representatives of Wolverton House Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery told the woman that they do not have a strict and specific dress code. On a very hot day, it is quite possible to wear short tops. However, the right to let or not let someone into the restaurant remains at the discretion of the manager working that day. That is, Emma will not achieve the truth.

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