Nov 16, 2021
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The villagers tore the white cloth that fell from the sky, considering it divine

divine white clothThe villagers in Ondo State, Nigeria, were very excited when they saw a white cloth falling from the sky.

divine white cloth

Everyone was immediately convinced that this piece was of divine origin and had miraculous properties. So it is not surprising that as soon as the cloth was on the ground, the villagers immediately caught it. They tore the unfortunate material to shreds, trying to snatch at least a piece of the wonderful souvenir.

divine white cloth

However, there was nothing mysterious about the fabric. The piece was owned by Agnes Fadojou, who works as a decorator and event organizer. She bought the fabric for her business. After washing the white piece, she laid it out to dry next to the house and could not think that her property would be caught in the wind, carried away for some distance and subsequently torn to shreds. However, although Agnes was upset about the loss of tissue, she was consoled by the fact that the incident made her a good publicity. In addition, the woman watched a video with a flying cloth and admitted that everything looked so impressive that one could indeed suspect something divine in the spectacle.

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