Jan 11, 2021
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The USA has ceased to be a state. The monster in their place is eager to rule the world

Dangerous psycho

No one can discredit the United States as much as the American elite itself. Neither Russia, nor Beijing, nor Tehran, or anyone else dreamed of such a circus that the democrats have now staged. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she had discussed with the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces restricting Trump’s access to the nuclear button. That he, as she explained, in the last days of his presidency did not unleash a nuclear war on the planet.

Awesome revelation. That is, Pelosi considers Trump to be so mentally unstable that he, in her opinion, is ready to leave behind nuclear ash from the planet. And this despite the fact that Trump, unlike his predecessors, has not unleashed a single new war with the participation of the United States. Not because he is all so peace-loving, but because, first of all, a businessman who understands that war is a good business only for the military-industrial complex, but very bad for the rest of the economy.

Pelosi’s challenge is clear. She wants to present the matter as if the Democrats are saving American society from a crazy paranoid, irresponsible, ready to throw out any kunstuk. To present Trump as the devil of hell, to once again emphasize his danger, emphasize the rescue mission of the US Democratic Party and remove all questions about election fraud. What are you saying, even if he won the election, such a psycho simply cannot be left in the White House, and therefore Biden is a blessing.

Old Nancy cannot help but realize that by doing so she substitutes the entire system of power in the United States, since her thesis means that the main leader of the United States, the largest nuclear power on the planet, for 4 years was an irresponsible mentally ill person, ready for any adventure to satisfy his own ambitions … This means that the United States over the years has exposed the entire planet to unprecedented risks almost every day. In any other country they would try to hide it or not advertise it. Since this is a direct reason to raise the question of confiscating dangerous “toys” from over-aged morons who googling and drooling in the sandbox with a grenade in their hands, for which they have not learned to be responsible or for themselves. The psycho can take the helm, the psycho can “press the button” at any moment, and no one will prevent this and will not answer for it. For a psycho there are no barriers to coming to the highest power in the United States.

For any other country, such recognition would be a recognition of its own incapacity and would entail some kind of restrictions. But not for the USA. Because what matters there is only what the establishment considers important for America itself, and all the rest, as Mitrofanushka said, are “adjectives.” That is, they will “attach themselves” when necessary, like a devout Catholic to a papal shoe or a current Democratic American to the dirty foot of a BLM activist. They will also beg for forgiveness.

And his trainers

This, incidentally, was clearly demonstrated in the reaction of the American establishment to the recent events on Capitol Hill.

That day blazes in social networks. Like, how can it be – the American establishment refused to carry out an equal sign between the protesters in Belarus and in Washington! He, this establishment, still considers the “color revolutions” in Georgia, Ukraine, other post-Soviet countries, the Middle East, etc., to be the victory of “fighters for democracy”, “brave democratic demonstrators”, and his internal speeches – the handiwork of “cattle, outcasts, thugs, rebels” and even “internal terrorists”. And who does not understand that “this is different”, as ex-US ambassador to Russia McFaul pointed out, those “complete idiots”. Therefore, the death of a policeman in the Capitol will be investigated as a murder, and the death of four demonstrators … And the four dead among the demonstrators are the losses of the “mob” who encroached on the holy of holies – American democracy. After all, what is American democracy? This is the power of the American Democrats. Recent events have demonstrated this as clearly as possible.

I just don’t understand one thing, you, those who are outraged by such double standards, did you expect something else? It seems that they stopped going to kindergarten long ago, no? Adults, and even more so – political scientists of all kinds, must understand perfectly well that American politicians are those for whom “everything is God’s dew.” Because everything in the world must be subordinated to goals and usefulness for “American democracy.” They have been proving this all the years of their existence, and in the last thirty years they have simply crossed the boundaries of Christian morality. Baby tears are important, you say? Yes, if it’s an American baby. And then not everyone, but, for example, black. And from the right family, which is for the Democratic Party.

Evil is not what is considered to be such, but what is appointed by this evil. This is the axiom of the current political structure of the world from the standpoint of Washington and its loyal allies in the same Europe. Which, by the way, have already come forward and condemned. How else? No way. Appointed by whom? Yes, the same Washington, or rather, the top of the US Democratic Party in close symbiosis with the leadership of the same IT giants, Zuckerberg, Brins, etc. Becoming real masters not only in the United States, but also on a supranational scale, masters of the world. Rather, by those people who stand behind them.

Private opinion is more important than the Constitution

Zuckerberg, by his personal order, orders to deprive the current US President Donald Trump of his account. Don’t give a damn about the rules. Say, they violated them, and in what – who are you to explain to you and him. Twitter blocks Trump’s account for life. Other social media platforms are following suit. Democratic TV channels are raising the issue of stopping broadcasting of Fox News, which does not share their position. These are all the events of the last day. Trump’s advisers and aides, even former ones, are recklessly banned. According to some reports, a cyber attack is being prepared on all 74 million voters – US citizens who are supporters of the current head of the country’s administration.

The first, second and subsequent views are a tremendous event. Perhaps for the first time, the insignificance of the American Constitution has been so clearly demonstrated. Rather, the first amendment to it, which the Americans have always flaunted. Remember the anecdote how freedom of speech in the United States differed from that in the USSR. The American was proud that he could come under the White House and shout that the president is an asshole and a fool. To which the Russian replied that he, too, can go to Red Square and shout that the American president is a goat and a fool.

All! Basta, little kids! The rules of a private company, which Facebook, Twitter and others like them are pushing against, are more important than the first amendment! And this, too, could cause a severe systemic political crisis. In any other country, wherever this happened, it would be the United States that would point out such a blatant situation in the first place. But not in the United States itself, different from others. What is allowed to Jupiter – further, you understand … America defends itself from America. “Right” from “wrong”. America of corporations from America of manufacturing, farming, etc.

Of course, it is very good that the United States began to build its own new world, where corporations are more important than the country and themselves. Other countries have a chance to see, stop, look back. Only these will be few. The rest will obediently go to the slaughterhouse and the route that the American shepherds show them.

But one more conclusion follows from all this – no criticism and no argumentation will have any influence on the US ruling elite. They are confident in their infallibility, in their right to execute and have mercy. They do not accept the very formulation “double standards” simply because it cannot be otherwise. One – for the United States and the most loyal minion allies and a completely different approach for everyone else, including opponents.

Therefore, we can turn inside out from our skin, proving to the Americans the obvious to all normal people with common sense, but this construction in their brains will not even be shaken. All America is based on it. And so it will be exactly as long as it does not collapse, split by internal contradictions and, quite possibly, its own civil war. Which the same democrats cannot prevent, because they do not know how to look at the situation from the outside. And the Republicans simply will not have such an opportunity. Republicans are now on their knees, humbly pleading for forgiveness, swearing allegiance to the Democrats and begging for the opportunity to simply survive without being repressed. Just like the white ones who licked their shoes for the black BLM activists.

In the end, we, by and large, do not need it – to warn America and break our brains on this unpromising path. I have enough of my own affairs, I could handle it here.

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