Jan 31, 2021
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The USA described the scenario of a NATO strike on Kaliningrad

The scenario of a preemptive strike by the North Atlantic Alliance in the Kaliningrad region involves the destruction of four facilities of the Russian army, American experts said.

The USA described the scenario of a NATO strike on Kaliningrad

According to Overt Defense, citing real US Naval Analytical Focus, in this scenario, Poland’s NATO army must neutralize Russian Iskander ballistic missiles to prevent Moscow from waging a “limited nuclear war.”

To this end, the North Atlantic Alliance intends to use the experience of destroying the Iraqi P-17 Scuds during the Gulf War, according to American analysts.

According to the materials, NATO forces are also capable of damaging the infrastructure of the port of Baltiysk and the ships of the Baltic Fleet present there.

The authors of the plan call the Russian air defense systems S-400 air defense systems the main obstacle to the capture of the Kaliningrad region. They cover most of Poland’s airspace and threaten any spirit support from the alliance, therefore the S-400 must be destroyed. Experts believe that the Polish Air Force is working on this problem, but solving it may take some time.

After removing all the obstacles to NATO, it is necessary to eliminate the Russian troops in Kaliningrad to protect the Baltic areas.

The author of the article notes that speed and surprise play a significant role in the operation. The initial positions of the Polish army for the attack on the Kaliningrad region are not easy. Forces, which are focused on the border with the Russian Federation, will have to cross an area full of dense forests and lakes. The most important Polish military units numbering 30 thousand soldiers must take part in the rapid offensive. However, the redeployment of Russian artillery from Gusev and concentrated artillery strikes could effectively slow down the advance of the Polish army even before crossing the border.

The final step towards “decisive victory” and “achievement of strategic goals” will be the destruction of the remaining power elements of Russia in the region. Despite the depicted plan, the author of the article remembered to the conclusion that in the present time, full-scale fighting in the Kaliningrad region is unlikely.

The American media call Kaliningrad a “NATO nightmare”, and representatives of the United States and the alliance have more than one announced plans to “seize” this Russian region in the event of a conflict with Russia. NATO soldiers practice the assault on Kaliningrad during exercises.

Russian military experts called any statements about the possibility of seizing the Kaliningrad region without consequences for the North Atlantic alliance as fantasies. Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov believes that the conflict in the Baltics and the theoretical loss of part of the territory by Russia will lead to a nuclear war, in this regard, arguments about the balance of forces in the region do not have much significance.

Onion of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu testified that the region will be under loyal protection.

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