May 4, 2021
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The USA boasted "rainbow" crew and angered the Americans "perverse choice"

The USA boasted of the first “rainbow” crew of a combat helicopter in American history. The “perverse choice” angered the Americans.

The US Navy has formed the first crew of the SH-60 Seahawk military helicopter, which is composed entirely of homosexuals. The US military leadership has already announced a “historic day” for the Pentagon.

However, American users did not appreciate the increased interest of the Navy in the sex life of its pilots.

What perverse illogical minds choose the helicopter crew based on who they want to have sex with and then make it public? – asks the user with the nickname Christiana.

User AdonMadeon noticed that “China is already trembling from the upcoming easy victory”, and a certain Packing It asked the American command what is more important for him – the sexual orientation of the pilots or their skills.

Sadly, the focus continues to be on sexual orientation. Like those who say skin color doesn’t matter, but they keep talking about skin color, he writes.

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